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5 Cheery Weasley Twins Scented Candles

We each have our own favorite characters in the Harry Potter series – and one of the best parts about the series is how many characters there are to choose from. Sure, there’s the Big 3 (Harry, Ron, and Hermione), but there are all kinds of secondary and tertiary characters you might find intriguing or interesting – or think you’d be BFFs with in real life.

To be honest, I can’t think of better characters to be friends with than the Weasley twins, who always know how to have a good time. My guess is that many people feel the same, and lament how the series ended for these two fun and funny guys.

I’ve been working on a series of posts about candles scented to evoke different characters in the story, like Harry and Malfoy. Now I’ve pulled together a shortlist of the best Weasley twins scented candles. Some of these candles are specific to Fred or George, but most capture the essence and energy of the Weasley Twins in a single candle. (The only thing I lament is that nobody has done a two-wick Weasley twins-scented candle yet – because that would be perfect!)

So whether you’re dreaming up an entrepreneurial idea or scheming up your next great prank, light up one of these candles inspired by the Weasley twins and you’re sure to come up with a winning idea.

Smells Like Fred by C&E Craft Co

CandECraftCo has an extensive Harry Potter candle collection, so it makes sense they’ve concocted a Fred Weasley scented candle. Needles to say, this candle is as fantastic as the rest of their collection. 

Inspired by Fred’s personality, they have blended five scents to create this candle. It has a bouquet of musk, sage, balsam, and greens notes. While the seller recommends this scent combination, you’re free to choose a blend that suits your taste. Whatever scent you choose, one thing’s for sure: it’s a great candle to burn in Fred’s memory.

Weasley Twins Scented Candles - Smells like Fred
Smells like Fred by CandECraftCo on Etsy

Smells Like George by C&E Craft Co

As much as we love the Weasley twins, let’s face it, most of us have a favorite. This CandECraftCo candle is for the George-obsessed Potterhead. It is one of the few George Weasley scented candles I could find, and it doesn’t disappoint. 

The seller has a bunch of scents you can choose from, although they recommend the Mahogany Teakwood blend for George. It also has hints of clean lavender and rosy nuances of geranium. The blend is complete with Cedarwood and oak wood notes that enhance the overall fragrance. The candle also has an excellent throw and will fill up the room in seconds.

Weasley Twins Scented Candles - Smells like George
Smells like George by CandECraftCo on Etsy

The Weasley Twins by Fantasy Flames Shop

For yet another alternative of Weasley twins scented candles, this candle from Fantasy Flames Shop perfectly captures the double trouble team. It has a warm aroma of campfire and smoky woods, with hints of cinnamon. The campfire smell will definitely remind you of the Filibuster fireworks the twins set off in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 

Despite the scents lying on the stronger side, the whole blend is light, preventing any note from being too overbearing. The candle’s package is also stunning, with a cute thank you and the candle’s description.

Weasley Twins Scented Candles - George Candle
Fred and George Candle by FantasyFlamesShop on Etsy

Freckles & Fireworks by Olivia Honeyduke Designs

Freckles & Fireworks has to be one of the cutest Weasley twins scented candles out there. If you’re new to candles, this one will definitely inspire you to start your Harry-Potter candle collection. The label is stunning, with an orangey color and little drawings of fireworks and the twins all over. It’s just lovely and it truly captures the Weasley’s essence. 

The seller has done an excellent job coming up with an aromatic profile that evokes the twins’ personalities. You find top notes of cinnamon and vanilla, middle notes of tonka bean and oud, and final base notes of fiery bursting Fireworks. 

Weasley Twins scented candles - Freckles and Fireworks
Freckles and Fireworks Candle by OliviaHoneydukeDes on Etsy

Note: I’m aware this candle is currently sold out but will hopefully be back in stock soon!

Wizard’s Joke Shop by Briar Wick

This Weasley twins-scented candle doesn’t exactly capture the essence of the two twins, but rather the essence of their joke shop! I love that the seller has used red wax, a fantastic allusion to the beloved gingers. The candle’s scent is gorgeous: it smells just exactly like you’d imagine walking into the candy section of their shop might be. It has a blend of sugary fruit candy, fizzy citrus, and jelly beans. It will knock your socks off!

Weasley Twins Scented candles - joke shop candle
Joke Shop Candle by BriarWick on Etsy

Know of any other great Weasley twins scented candles? Or do you love one of these? Let me know in the comments!

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