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Voldemort Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

Daring to delve into the dark side this costume season? For those brave (or perhaps mischievous) souls eager to channel the most feared Dark Wizard of our time, crafting your very own Voldemort costume can be both a magical endeavor and a test of your (dark) arts skills.

But fret not, fellow Potterheads, for we’ve conjured up a guide to help you rise to power—sartorially speaking. With a wand in hand and a nose for detail (or lack thereof!), let’s embark on this journey to becoming He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Outdressed.

Voldemort Costume Hero

Here’s everything you need to make your own Voldemort costume at home – or to buy a pre-made one if you’re behind the curve putting your costume together this year.

Voldemort Costume Item List

Voldemort Costume 1

Let’s start off with the list of items you need to build an authentic – and terrifying – Voldemort costume. Below you’ll find the complete list, and then I’ll show you how to put them together (in case it isn’t obvious!).

As you can see, this costume is significantly easier (fewer items, lower cost) than a lot of the other Harry Potter character costumes you could choose to make – good choice!

Voldemort Costume: Clothes

In terms of clothing, Voldemort doesn’t really wear pieces that are challenging to find. The first thing you need to dress up as “He Who Must Not Be Named” is a dark robe. I found this one on Amazon that will work.

Next, you need black loafers; while you might not think much about it, you probably don’t want to go barefoot as actor Ralph Fiennes does in the films… In any case, there are tons of loafer styles on Amazon. Feel free to choose the one that adapts to your style.

Voldemort Costume: Accessories

Now we’ll focus on the accessories you need to finish out your Voldemort costume. Voldemort’s facial features are very characteristic – and quite hard to replicate without great makeup. You can try to do your best with a bald cap. This one from Amazon is a great option (the package comes with three bald caps) and you can recreate the Voldemort makeup on it. 

If makeup is not your thing, you can get a mask. I found this Voldemort mask on Amazon that looks pretty realistic. You can give it a try.

Finally, you need Voldemort’s wand – before he steals the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s Grave, anyway… (#spoilers!!!). I loved this official recreation of Lord Voldemort’s Wand from the Noble Collection. 

Pre-Made Voldemort Costumes

Voldemort Costume 2

Putting together a costume takes time and effort, but it can be cheaper than purchasing a pre-made one. In case you want to make things simple, you can get a pre-made Voldemort costume. I found this adult costume and it also includes a half mask; you may still want to purchase some of the other accessories to finish your look though.

Have any questions about how to make your own Professor McGonagall costume? Let me know in the comments below.

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