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8 Great Sorting Hat Candles to Finally Learn Your Hogwarts House

Think back to your first time reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; do you remember when you learned about the four Hogwarts Houses, what each one stood for, and which one felt like a fit for you. There are lots of ways to find out your house – the official way would be through the Wizarding World Hogwarts Sorting. But maybe you’re up for a less conventional, less digital option – in which case you should consider one of these Sorting Hat candles!

While wizards and witches only have one way to find out which house they’ll be in, we Muggles actually have it better – for once! They have a hat, we have cleverly made and delightful-smelling candles that not only make your house more cozy but melt to reveal the color of your Hogwarts House.

If this sounds like the way you want to be sorted, read on to find out which of these sorting hat candles will be the way you find out which Hogwarts House you’re truly meant to be in!

A Hat… of Sorts by Chronicle Candles

A Hat… of Sorts is one of the dreamiest sorting hat candles on the list. Seemingly white at first, the candle changes in color as it burns down, letting you know which house the Sorting Hat has chosen for you. I love the candle’s design; its wooden lid gives it a warm and cozy feeling. As for the scent, first, you’ll notice teakwood, which slowly gives way to cedar and leather notes. After a while burning, you’ll perceive subtle layers of sandalwood, patchouli, Amyris, and dark musk. 

Sorting Hat Candle - a hat of sorts
A Hat of Sorts by CandleChronicles via Etsy

Sorting Candles by Soothe Mind

Are you looking for customizable Hogwarts House Candles? Then you need to check out these Sorting Candles by Soothe Mind. Besides choosing among the four Hogwarts colors, you can add a gift note for the Birthday witch or wizard. The candle’s container is stunning. It has a very elegant and luxurious look, and I love the matte finish. It is all black, and you can personalize the top of the lid with the “Sorting Candle” with hat design, Hogwarts crest, or with a “You’re a witch/wizard plus name.” You can also choose among nineteen scents and even mix them. 

Sorting Hat Candle - houses
Sorting Candles by SootheMind
via Etsy

Sorting Hat by Wick & Woke

Some people prefer Sorting hat candles with fewer details in their designs, which is why I included the Sorting Hat by Wick & Woke. It comes in an amber jar with a circular sticker on the front featuring a Sorting hat. The candle starts out white and slowly reveals the color as it burns. It comes with three wicks to ensure you achieve the perfect first burn. 

The seller offers standard scents based on the house color, but you can change them for a small fee. Gryffindor is a stunning mix of vanilla and sandalwood; Hufflepuff emanates an enveloping Butterscotch scent; Ravenclaw has lavender as the top note and hints of vanilla. Slytherin has two layers of fragrance, bergamot, and spice. 

Sorting Hat Candles - Soy wax
Sorting Hat Candle by Wickandwoke on Etsy

Sorting Hat Soy Candle by Shop Southern Soy

Talk about craftsmanship! This sorting hat candle is one of the most elaborate Harry Potter candles I’ve seen. It’s gorgeous from bottom to lid. The candle comes in a white ceramic container (similar to a coffee mug), which has a front label. The wooden lid is stunning, as is its interior, with golden engravings of HP symbols and quotes. The candle’s fragrance notes include delicious notes of sweet vanilla, rich butter, and shredded coconut.

Sorting hat candles - soy candle
Sorting Hat Soy Candle by ShopSouthernSoy on Etsy

The Sorting Candle by Campbell’s Candles Shop

The Sorting Candle by Campbell’s Candles Shop is another plain alternative for minimalist design lovers. This candle is simple as it comes. The candle is in a tiny glass jar with a subtle sticker on the front. Don’t let the size fool you. 

The candle has a great throw, ensuring its scent permeates every nook of the room. You can pick a house depending on the traits of each color or leave it up to the Sorting Candle to choose the best house for you.

Sorting Hat Candles - 14oz
The Sorting Candle by CampbellsCandlesShop on Etsy

The Sorting Candle by Enchanted by K

I love how this Etsy seller has managed to match the scent with the jar’s design. This candle has a delicious butterscotch and cream scent. I swear it smells so good you’ll want to eat it. Once you open the lid, the candle has golden glitter sprinkled on top. The first wax layer is white and gives way to your house color as the wick burns. You can choose your own color house or choose the “surprise me” option if you’re going to gift it. 

Sorting Hat Candles - wizard candle
The Sorting Candle by EnchantedbyK on Etsy

The Sorting Hat Candle by Melissa’s Monsters

Another modern alternative, this Sorting Hat Candle, comes in an all-black container. If you fall in love with the outside, wait until you open the lid! The top wax has the cutest details, as each candle comes with at least one Harry Potter Charm and a tiny yellow star. 

The choice of scents is another highlight of this candle. You can choose among butterbeer, vanilla bean, lavender potion Christmas at Hogwarts, apple bourbon, and laundry day scents. 

Sorting Hat Candles
Sorting Hat Candle by MelissasMonsters on Etsy

Wizard’s House by Witchy Wicks Candle Co.

Wizard’s House candles are probably the sparkliest sorting hat candles on the list. Golden glitter covers the entire glass jar, enhancing the candle’s magical aspect. 

If we talk about fragrances, get ready to open your senses and make a trip to Aroma town. The top white layer exudes rich vanilla notes, and then the candle melts down into one of four different scents, fire, old books, The Black Lake, or pumpkin pasties, striking the perfect balance of strong but not overwhelming.

Sorting Hat Candles - Wizards House
Wizard’s House Candle by WitchyWicksCandleCo on Etsy

So now that you know your options, the only question is which sorting hat candle you’ll choose – and which house it will reveal you to be in. Have any questions about these sorting hat candles? Let me know in the comments.

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