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45+ Gifts Ambitious Slytherins Will Love [Slytherin Gift Guide]

When it came time to start working on my series of posts for each Hogwarts House, there was no doubt in my mind which house I would start with… My own, of course! This Slytherin gift guide is the first in my series; I’ll soon have links for Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws… though I don’t know why anyone would want to be in those houses!?

I’ve known I was a Slytherin since the beginning of my lifelong love affair with the Harry Potter series. Maybe it was my little crush on Draco Malfoy (ok, I’ll be honest, it was on Tom Felton) or the fact that cunning and ambition are two traits I pride myself on having. In any event: Slytherins, I’m here with you. I see you, and I’ve got your back.

That’s why I know which Slytherin gifts my fellow Slytherins will love! Putting together this Slytherin gift guide was hard because there were so many cool items out there – official and hand-crafted. Read on to find the best gifts for Slytherins (even if you’re just treating yourself!).

Note: This post is out-of-date, and many of the items I originally selected are no longer available. I have marked them with a βŒ but you can still check the links that interest you in case they have come back in stock. If you’re looking for an updated Slytherin Gift Guide, click here.

Goods for Your Own Slytherin Common Room

Slytherin Gift Guide - Housewares

There’s no place like home, right? And like Regulus Black, it’s important to every Slytherin that their home represents their Hogwarts House! These are some fantastic housewares and home goods that every Slytherin will love receiving as a gift (or treating ourselves!).

  1. It’s no Goblet of Fire, but this Slytherin crest goblet will make you feel like Head Boy or Girl.
  2. This Slytherin banner ❌ will make it seem like you’ve won the House Cup.
  3. Whether you need a pick-me-up of pumpkin juice or iced coffee, this glittery tumbler with straw is perfect for everyday drinks.
  4. For a picnic by the lake or snuggling up in the Slytherin common room, this Slytherin crest tapestry will be cozy.
  5. Having a Slytherin crest candle ❌ will set the mood for any celebration.
  6. Whether celebrating a birthday or just a Friday, butterbeer will taste totally delicious in this Slytherin crest mug ❌.
  7. Decorate the walls around your four-poster with this super cool modern Slytherin crest art print ❌.
  8. This Slytherin common room candle ❌ will give you the vibes of a cool underground living space with moody lighting.

I also found a few other cool Slytherin gifts to consider, including these two throw pillows – one that’s a more subtle pattern and one that’s boldly proud Slytherin – and a Slytherin ornament ❌ that you can hang on your holiday tree.

Books Worthy of the Hogwarts Library

Slytherin Gift Guide - Books

Never mind what Malfoy did to that poor book (tearing out a page! ?), the rest of us know better: part of what makes us Slytherins cunning is that we love to learn and keep information to help us achieve our goals. Here are some worth adding to your own version of the Hogwarts Library.

  1. If you have a set of the Harry Potter books that you love, these Slytherin print book jackets will give them a new look on the shelf.
  2. All Slytherins must keep track of plans and schemes, which is why this Slytherin notebook ❌ …
  3. …and Slytherin pen are the perfect set for doing just that.
  4. Lastly, for those Slytherins you really love, the 20th Anniversary Slytherin Editions of the original series are gorgeous – and a splurge:

For some reason, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows aren’t available yet, so I’ll add those to this Slytherin gift guide once they are!

Clothes to Build a Slytherin Wardrobe

Slytherin Gift Guide - Clothes

Okay, yeah, getting clothes as a gift can be lame – but not when it’s one of these cool Slytherin items! While you don’t have to wear a Hogwarts robe in Slytherin colors every day (though you totally can!), there are plenty of other wardrobe pieces that most Slytherins will love.

  1. After a dip in the Prefects’ bathroom, this Slytherin bathrobe will help you be cozy and warm.
  2. Channel your inner Pansy Parkinson with this Hogwarts uniform-compliant Slytherin headband.
  3. Similarly, this Slytherin tie ❌ will complete the outfit for your next visit to the Wizarding World.
  4. This Slytherin athletic tea ❌ is perfect for quidditch practice when trying to make the house team.
  5. When the weather gets cold, this Slytherin beanie ❌ will help keep your clever head warm, and…
  6. …no winter wardrobe is complete without a requisite Slytherin scarf ❌ , of course!
  7. If you prefer a more fashionable option, this cool Slytherin infinity scarf ❌ is a great alternative. Who said being smart means compromising style?
  8. Similarly, smart Slytherins know that socks ❌ should A) match (don’t be weird, Dobby), and B) keep one’s feet warm, to help us keep taking over the world.

I also found a ton of other cool clothes you can mix and match into your muggle wardrobe including these two tees that rep the Slytherin crest ❌ and honor Slytherin traits ❌. Over those, you could throw on a cool Slytherin cardigan ❌ or even this bad-ass but whip-smart-looking Slytherin varsity jacket ❌. Lastly, upgrade your kicks to these Slytherin high-tops ❌and nobody will doubt you can conquer anything you set your mind to.

Slytherin Jewelry Worth the Galleons

Slytherin Gift Guide - Jewelry

Even if you don’t have old money like the Malfoys, sometimes the only gift for the Slytherin in your life necessitates and investment – and what better way to invest than through a piece of jewelry they’ll wear and love. Here are some of the best accessories and jewelry pieces to give Slytherins as a gift.

  1. While most people think jewelry is just for witches, that’s not true! This Slytherin watch (no longer available!) is unisex and will look great on any wrist.
  2. I’ve long coveted these Slytherin stacked bracelets to add some green bling to outfits.
  3. Similarly, Slytherin’s Locket is a statement piece that many Slytherins would proudly wear.
  4. For something more subtle, this snake necklace is perfect but still helps fellow Slytherin Hogwarts alumni recognize you.

A few other beautiful pieces I didn’t include yet but still want for myself include this tangled snake ring ❌ (Nagini on your finger!) and the official Slytherin bracelets from Alex & Ani.

Other Goodies & Gifts Slytherins Will Love

Slytherin Gift Guide - Other Goodies

Lastly, I found some other cool Slytherin goodies that didn’t fit the above categories – but which will make perfect gifts for Slytherins anyway! Here they are:

  1. Class your outfit up with this swanky Slytherin handbag.
  2. For a small gift or stocking stuffer, this Slytherin crest patch is perfect.
  3. This Slytherin pop-socket ❌ will help you keep a secure grip on your top tech.
  4. Finally in the tech department, Slytherin earbuds are a subtle touch – but ostentatiously cool.
  5. No matter how high-tech life might be, nothing says “I’m an old-school Slytherin” like a wax seal set with the house crest. So cool.

Okay, the only question left is which item on this Slytherin gift guide to choose… but as a Slytherin, I just have to say: I want them all! Let me know any questions in the comments!

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