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Slytherin Gift Guide for Christmas 2022: 10 Gifts for Your Special Snake

A lot can be said about those of us in Slytherin House – and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always flattering. That said, there are some aspects that I do happily endorse, and high standards are one of them. That also means that if you’re shopping for a beloved Slytherin this holiday season, you might be struggling to find the right gift.

I’m here to help – and I’m a Slytherin, so I know what I’m talking about when I say these are the best Slytherin gifts to give this year. While I’ve previously shared a Slytherin gift guide, over the years that post has become less useful because items go in and out of stock. Read on for my Holiday 2022 Slytherin Gift Guide, featuring ten great gifts that are perfect for those from the house of the snake.

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Slytherin Dust Jackets

I’ve included house pride book jackets in all of my other gift guides, so of course, I’ll also include them in my Slytherin gift guide.

Harry Potter books are stunning on their own, but why not give them a much-needed green and silver makeover with these Slytherin print book jackets?

These book jackets are beautiful, featuring a smooth, fine texture, an intricate pattern design (lots of Celtic vibes), and a gorgeous emerald green. Your books will definitely stand out on that shelf.

Slytherin Velvet Bathrobe

Whether you’ve just taken a dip in the Prefects bathroom or you’re comfortably reading a book in the common room, this Slytherin Velvet Bathrobe will keep you cozy and warm – all in style; we all know Slytherins love to look their best no matter what they’re doing!

Made of velvet, this bathrobe boasts a fashionable design, accentuated by the velvet’s shiny appearance. It’s definitely one of the perfect gifts for Slytherins who love comfort but hate sacrificing fashion.

Slytherin’s Locket Necklace

No Slytherin gift guide would be complete without a Horcrux, right?

This locket necklace is an accessory all Slytherins would love to flaunt in their next outfit for the Yule Ball. This beautiful replica by the Noble Collection features a multi-faceted amber with tiny emeralds forming the letter ’S’ on top, and ancient text written around the circle.

It also comes with a nice wooden box to display with the rest of your Harry Potter collection.

Slytherin Eau de Parfum

For the Slytherins who want to show their house pride wherever they go, even when the circumstances don’t allow it, this Slytherin Eau de parfum will make a statement anyway.

Described as a “pure-blood scent,” this perfume boasts a murky green marine scent with hints of crisp citrusy notes given by the bergamot and a subtle mix of herbal and fruity hues given by the lavender, and green berries, mixed with nuances of thyme.

Slytherin Soap

These soaps are one of the coolest Slytherin gifts if you love adding cute touches that show your house pride around your home. The design is gorgeous! It looks like a soap you could make in Potions Class.

The soap comes stamped with the Slytherin house crest on the front and it smells amazing. It is scented with gardenia fragrance oil. Last but not least, this soap will leave your skin so soft.

Slytherin Tankard

Enjoy a crispy butterbeer or your magic morning coffee in this stunning Slytherin tankard.

The amount of detail put into this tanker is amazing. It is hand-painted and features intricate metal designs. The front shows the Slytherin’s crest, the middle displays the King from Wizard Chess, and the back shows a snake’s head with the defining traits written on top. The handle is equally beautiful, featuring a snake that forms the “S”. 

Slytherin Wax Seal

This item on my Slytherin gift guide is for all the old-school Slytherins out there. While the Muggle World might be high-tech, the Wizarding World still appreciates the old art of letter writing.

Gift this Slytherin wax seal and your recipient can mark all their letters in wax to show off their Slytherin house. The kit comes with all the elements you need: a stamp and two candles; a silver one and a green one.

Slytherin Snake Holder

This unique snake holder – not used for holding snakes! – is the missing décor piece every Slytherin has been looking for. The holder features a mystic and visually powerful design, which evokes that dark and alluring aura that surrounds the Nagini in the HP movie.

The sculpture can be used as a small tray, a tealight candle holder, an ashtray, a tea bag holder, or a planter pot.

Malfoy Family Signet Snake Ring

While we don’t have any particular sense that each house has specific traditions, surely Slytherins have their own special club – and that means they need ways of signaling who’s in (and who’s not!).

Join Malfoy, Crabbe, Pike, Goyle, and Parkinson wearing this gorgeous snake signet ring. This ring features the same design as the rings we see Malfoy and his friends wearing in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. The ring is made of metal alloy with a snake engraved on top.

Slytherin Homesick Candle

This Slytherin Homesick Candle will give your home office or bedroom the gloominess associated with Slytherin’s common room.

The candle is an exquisite blend of clove, stonewalls, and lake water, which makes sense considering Slytherin’s common room lies beneath the Black Lake itself. You’ll also perceive notes of tapestry, vetiver, dark plum, and earthier scents like oakmoss, oud wood,  and suede.

So which of these Slytherin gifts will you be gifting this year – or giving yourself? Let me know any questions about these gifts in the comments.

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