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Sirius Black Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

If there’s one character that fans of the Harry Potter series universally love, it’s Sirius Black. Loyal as a dog (pun intended), Sirius does his best to live up to his godfather duties after Harry discovers the truth of who’s responsible for revealing his parent’s whereabouts and causing their death. He provides support, care, and a much-needed parent figure for Harry in the few years they know each other, and arrives in the grande finale of the Harry Potter series to help guide Harry through the most difficult task he has ever faced.

To say that Sirius inspires readers to be better friends to one another is an understatement: he is the ultimate friend, and a great godfather – and sometimes might confuse the two roles, according to Molly Weasley.

In any case, Sirius is a great character to emulate and to dress up as, should you be attending an event where fancy dress is required. In this post you’ll learn how to assemble a Sirius Black costume that will be instantly recognizable and earn you praise from fellow Potterheads at any party or cosplay event. Read on for a detailed list of the items you need to make a Sirius Black costume – actually two costumes, one for Grimmauld Place and another for his time in Azkaban and after escaping the wizarding prison.

Sirius Black Costume Item List

Sirius Black Costume

Creating your own Sirius Black costume will be pretty simple. Harry’s godfather wears elegant yet straightforward clothing; to me, it’s clear that he comes from a long-standing wealthy family – even if he turned his back on that lifestyle. While each item is quite basic, I think it’s important to pay attention to the color palette of his outfit. Sirius wears clothes in black, slate grey, olive, purple, and maroon. Your garments also need to lie on the old-fashioned side, bordering on “steampunk” if you like that style.

Here’s a list with the exact items you need to dress up like Sirius Black:

I gave you a few choices so you could make Sirius’ look your own style – all of them fall within the realm of clothing the character of Sirius would have worn.

Sirius Black Costume Clothes

Now, let’s see how you combine these items to build your Sirius Black costume. 

As I mentioned before, Sirius wears elegant clothes. First, you’ll need a striped dress shirt. I found these on Amazon: one features black-and-white vertical stripes, whereas the other is more discreet, with opaque golden stripes

Next, you need a vest. You can check out this paisley suit vest (they call it “Black Floral” which seems a bit silly!) or this tweed vest (which definitely has a more British look, to be honest.) 

Now, let’s move to the lower body. Sirius wears classic, black or grey dress pants. I found Dickies offers these black pants for men and women on Amazon.

Finally, you need a long trench coat to complete the basics of the look. I found two stunning alternatives on Amazon: one velvet and green, which goes perfect with the black vest, and another trench coat in brown wool, which is the perfect companion for the tweed vest if you’re going for a more conservative Sirius Black costume. 

Sirius Black Costume Accessories

Getting the right accessories is key for building a genuine Sirius Black costume. First and foremost, you want to find a good pocket watch. Sirius always wore his silver pocket watch after moving into 12 Grimmauld Place. I found this nice bronze pocket watch on Amazon to help you look the part. 

Next, you need a wand to cast those spells. I really liked this wand from The Noble Collection. It is an authentic recreation of Sirius’s wand and comes with gorgeous carvings. 

It’s also super important to get Sirius’ distinctive hairstyle right; I found this wig that will do the trick.

Finally, find a good pair of shoes. Most people have a pair of black shoes in their wardrobe, but, in case you don’t, here are two decent shoe alternatives: one for men and another for women

Sirius Black Azkaban Costume

Photos courtesy of HumMelissa_Glee (L) & Fernanda Camargo (R) via Flickr

When it comes to building Sirius Black costumes, you have two options. You can dress up like him when he wears everyday clothes, or you can recreate his Azkaban prison outfit. I’ve already covered what you need to create his everyday look. 

Now, here’s a list with the items you need to look like Sirius Black while he was a prisoner in Azkaban. 

His Azkaban look is a lot simpler. You’ll need the traditional striped uniform most prisoners wear. Also, you’ll have to find a white coat and black shoes. You might remember that Sirius has a pretty haggard semblance, which is why I’ve included black spray paint on the list. It will help you achieve that characteristic smudged look Sirius has after escaping Azkaban. Of course, you can’t forget about the prison sign! It’s the last touch you need to look like an authentic Sirius Black.

Sirius Black Pre-Made Costumes

Sirius Black Costumes

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for and purchasing every item you need to build Sirius’s costume, you can always simplify the process and buy a pre-made costume. I’ve found two costume alternatives: one recreating his post-prison life and another recreating his Azkaban look

Have any questions about putting together your own Sirius Black costume? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help!

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