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Ron Weasley Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

There are a lot of great sidekicks out there, but I think it’s unfair to count Ron Weasley among them. Though he certainly is Harry Potter’s best friend, through the course of the seven Harry Potter books, Ron does more than serve as second fiddle to Harry. He’s his own character, makes his own decisions – including mistakes –, and grows to become a hero in his own right.

For this reason, many Harry Potter fans love Ron, and you might count yourself among them. In fact, you might like Ron so much that you’re considering dressing up as Ron Weasley, and wonder what it takes to put together a good Ron Weasley costume.

Look no further: in this post, you’ll discover a complete list of currently-available items that can be put together into a Ron Weasley costume for men or women. I’ve also found a few pre-made costumes, and all the accessories you need to make it clear A) which Gryffindor and B) which Weasley kid you’re dressed as. Read on and your Ron transformation will soon be complete.

Ron Weasley Costume Item List

Ron Weasley Costume - Items

So you’ve decided to dress like Ron Weasley for that cosplay convention or costume party… Merlins Pants!

Luckily assembling a Ron Weasley costume for all those who believe “Weasley is our King” is relatively easy, considering the redheaded wizard mainly appears wearing standard Hogwarts attire. As with most costumes, the accessories will differentiate Ron’s character from others. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of all the items you need to look like Ron Weasley:

And if you loved the Christmas pajamas that Ron wore during his and Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts, I also found thes two items you could use for a very unconventional (but still instantly recognizable) Ron Weasley costume:

Now lets break down each one a bit and why I chose it for my recommended costume item list.

Ron Weasley Costume Clothes

Now that you know what items you need let’s look at how you should combine these items into a Ron Weasley costume. 

You want to start with a simple white shirt. I found this Beninos’ men’s white shirt on Amazon, which is a slim fit, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable under the vest. This Amazon essentials white shirt is fantastic for women, with thick good quality. 

You’ll need a vest. WOTOGOLD has two options. You can choose between the Gryffindor vest or sweater. Both have yellow and red stripes on the neckband and hems; the sweater also has them on cuffs.

Don’t forget your robes! Cinereplicas and Disguise Store both have stunning Gryffindor Hogwarts Robes. Both versions are based on the original design and boast excellent quality. 

Moving on to the lower body, you just need a basic pair of gray or black trousers. Dickies has nice alternatives for men and women. Finally, pick up a pair of classic black shoes. If you don’t have any, I found these Dockers for men and these Dunes for women. I really like that they have that chunky school-shoes look. 

Ron Weasley Costume Accessories

We’ve arrived at the best part of creating a costume… accessories! These little details ultimately shape the character and really add to their personality. 

To round off your Ron Weasley costume, you’ll need a Gryffindor Tie, like this one on Amazon, and a Gryffindor Scarf, like this one from Cinereplicas. You won’t believe the scarf’s quality; it is so good you’ll be wearing it all throughout winter, I swear. 

Next, you need a wand. Both options snapped in two, so don’t worry about spells backfiring on you. The Noble Collection’s wand is an authentic recreation of Ron Weasley’s wand. Check out this wand from Rubie’s Costume if you have a tight budget.

You’ll also need Scabbers! Now, don’t panic. It isn’t a real rat, but rather this cute plush version from The Noble Collection. Finish it off with a red wig. You don’t want to come out of the house without red hair. It’s what defines Ron and the Weasleys. This wig from ALLAURA will definitely make you look the part. It has adjustments for head size so a child or adult can wear it.

Other Ron Weasley Costumes

Ron Weasley Costumes - Pre-Made Options

Some people prefer to avoid purchasing each item separately or just aren’t willing to spend lots of money to build their own costumes. Getting a pre-made Ron Weasley costume is a perfect alternative in these cases; I found two on Amazon, one for adults and another for kids. 

Pre-Made Ron School Costume

  • The adult costume is just a Gryffindor student attire. It looks pretty decent and complete, although you’ll still need a wig and wand to finish the look.  
  • The kids costume is also a Hogwarts school uniform. Make sure you buy a size up as it runs small.

Quidditch Keeper costume kids are lucky to get a second alternative for their Ron Weasley costume. If I found this gorgeous Ron Weasley Quidditch Costume, which would be more comfortable.

Have any questions about putting together your own Ron Weasley costume? Let me know in the comments!

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