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Ravenclaw Gift Guide for Christmas 2023: 10 Brilliant Gift Ideas

From their star-ceilinged common room to achieving top marks, Ravenclaws tend to aim high in all they do. This is a great quality – but it can also make them hard to shop for, since they’re usually great at listening and identifying the perfect gift for everyone else in their lives. It’s hard to surprise someone who’s sharp as a tack with a great gift they never saw coming!

While I’m definitely a Slytherin, I’ve always had a soft spot for Ravenclaw; it might be my shadow house, or maybe I’m just a real Slytherclaw. In any case, I love choosing gifts for this house because it does resonate for me – and I know that the same quirky items I love will probably appeal to others for whom the values of Ravenclaw (cleverness, wisdom, wit, intellectual ability, and creativity) ring true too.

Whether you’re a Ravenclaw yourself and shopping as a personal treat or know and love a Ravenclaw and want to give them something special, this Ravenclaw gift guide can help. While I’ve previously shared a Ravenclaw gift guide, over the years that post has become less useful because items go in and out of stock. Below you’ll find 10 great items available for this holiday season.

See any product that has gone out of stock? Please let me know in the comments!

Ravenclaw Book Jackets

The brainiest students in Hogwarts, it’s no surprise that Ravenclaws are born readers. And, while nothing beats Hogwarts library, I’m pretty sure they have a bookshelf with so many books that it’s practically spilling.

This said, it’s impossible not to include these Ravenclaw book jackets in my Ravenclaw gift guide. They will give your HP collection a much-needed blue and bronze makeover.

Since I’m going to assume any Ravenclaw you know is naturally bookish, they have to be at the top of my list!

Ravenclaw Traits Embroidery

Besides being intelligent, Ravenclaws are also creative types. Whether they are inventing useful potions, like Ignatia Wildsmith, who invented the Floor Powder, or crafting beautiful wands, like Garrick Ollivander, Ravenclaws’ intelligence also manifests through artistic expressions.

This Ravenclaw traits embroidery is one of the best gifts for Ravenclaw to unleash its creative side. The pattern features the defining traits of this house: creativity, intelligence, and wisdom.

Ravenclaw Coffee Tankard

I recently saw a sign that said “behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee,” and it really rang true in the Ravenclaw part of my soul: Ravenclaws know exactly what it takes to get it all done, and the Hogwarts House Elves probably have a special blend brew for them each morning!

As such, many successful Ravenclaws probably have their own mugs to get that essential morning fuel; this beautiful hand-made mug comes in designs for all four houses, but the black and blue raven-adorned one is my favorite. It’s okay, you can go back for a second cup…

Ravenclaw Gift Guide - Mug
Photo courtesy of Nefertari Ferris on Etsy

Wisdom: A Guided Journal

If you’ve reviewed all four of my house gift guides for the 2023 holiday season, you’ll notice a few items in common across them – but personalized for each House. This is one of those items; I think that journaling is great no matter who you are, and what better way to get in the habit than with a guided journal inspired by the Wizarding World.

This beautiful journal features daily activities to develop the main trait that defines this house: Wisdom. So if you’re looking to grow into the best Ravenclaw you can be, get this journal to guide you through the process.   

Diadem Necklace

When it comes to accessories, this Ravenclaw diadem goes well with everything. Don’t worry, this diadem isn’t a Horcrux, but a beautiful piece of jewelry. The necklace comes with a silver eagle and a sturdy chain. It isn’t too heavy so you can wear it comfortably every day.

Thanks to its lovely design, the diadem can do double-duty as an ornament too; it’s a good option if you want to hang a Harry Potter ornament for your holiday decor.

Dirigible Plum Earrings

Channel your inner Luna Lovegood – let’s be real, she’s everyone’s favorite Ravenclaw – with these cute Dirigible Plum earrings.

Although you may find a few Harry’s along your day who wonder why someone would “wear radishes on their ears.” The truth is, you’ll make a true fashion statement wearing them, both in the wizarding and muggle world.

Wit Beyond Measure Tee

If you’re looking for Ravenclaw gift ideas, either for yourself or the Ravenclaw you love, you can’t fail with this Wit Beyond Measure tee.

This t-shirt boasts a lovely minimalist approach, unlike most HP t-shirts. The print is subtle, and the fabric’s blue is that perfect Ravenclaw blue. The packaging is also gorgeous, as the seller ships it through “Owl Air”.

Exceptionally Ordinary Jumper

Keep yourself warm during the winter with this gorgeous Ravenclaw jumper. The jumper comes in pretty light blue and features a cute “Exceptionally Ordinary” inscription embroidered on the front, in a nod to one of Luna’s most famous lines from the films: Well? How do I look? (HP) “Exceptionally ordinary.” (LL)

Just in case others might be confused as to what makes this jumper special for Harry Potter fans, the best detail by far is the embroidered Spectrespecs Luna Lovegood wears in the movies.

Blue HP Playing Cards

I can’t say with certainty what kind of card games Ravenclaws would enjoy, but with a brain like that, I’m pretty sure they’d excel at most of them.

Get these stunning Harry Potter playing cards to play when your Potterhead friends come around. They come in a gorgeous blue and golden box, and each card has a different main character from the movies. It’s an amazing amount of time and care that went into the design of these cards.

Ravenclaw Homesick Candle

Replicating Ravenclaw’s common room is no easy task. The domed ceiling, the beautiful arched windows, the stunning blue, and golden silks, and that starry blue carpet on the floor…

While I haven’t included many decor pieces or household items in my Ravenclaw gift guide, this Ravenclaw Homesick Candle will at least make your room smell like Ravenclaw’s common room, one of the coolest places described in the Harry Potter series.

So which of these gifts will you be splurging on for your favorite Ravenclaw this year? Let me know any questions in the comments below!

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