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Professor Trelawney Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

In the whole wide (Wizarding) world, there are a lot of great characters out there. But there is perhaps none so important to the trajectory of Harry Potter’s life than Sybil Trelawney, the prospective Divination professor who proclaimed a prophecy that set He Who Must Not Be Named on a collision course with our favorite boy wizard.

Professor Trelawney, as she goes on to be through the majority of the time we know her in the Harry Potter series, is certainly distinctive in how she dresses: she lives up to the stereotypical idea you might have of a woman fortune-telling over her crystal ball. Though her philosophy is quite pie-in-the-sky, she prefers earthy tones and stones to perhaps make her whole aesthetic more “grounded.”

Professor Trelawney Costume Hero

In any case, putting together a Professor Trelawney costume can be quite a lot of fun. There are lots of layers and accessories you can add, plus you can play with the different options out there to put together a unique version of Sybil’s bohemian look – surely she has a few outfits in her own closet too.

Below you’ll find my suggestions for how to make a Professor Trelawney costume, which is a great choice for any Harry Potter fan who loves the mystic arts. (If you’re a little more straight-edge, I’ve got Professor Umbridge too, and I also have a Mad-Eye Moody costume guide for those on the wild side.) Ready to put together your own Sybil Trelawney outfit?

Professor Trelawney Costume Item List

Professor Trelawney - Costume Pieces

When it comes to the professors you find in Hogwarts, we all have our favorite. If yours happens to be the quirky Professor Trelawney, you’re in luck! 

Assembling a Professor Trelawney costume is not really that hard. Like most Hogwarts characters, Trelawney has a unique style characterized by tunics, earthy shawls, and skirts with lots of patchwork. Whenever you’re looking for inspiration, always think of boho clothes and gypsy vibes. Of course, we can’t forget about the small details, like her wild hair, large glasses, and bandana, that give so much authenticity to her look.   

Enough beating around the bush. Below you’ll find a list of all the items you need to build your Professor Trelawney costume:

Professor Trelawney Costume: Clothes 

Let’s start with the foundation of your costume. As I said before, Professor Trelawney sticks to earthy tones and wears loose clothes. 

We’ll focus on the top half to begin. First, you need a blouse. I found three options that could work well: there’s this olive green boho blouse with cute flower details on Amazon, or this medieval tunic blouse with embroidered details also in green (there are other earthy tones available), or, for a last option, this medieval blouse with a scoop line in English green. Finally, we add the last touch with this cute shawl wrap in brown from Amazon, too. 

Next up is the skirt. I found two options on Amazon. This maxi skirt with a vibrant floral print is a great alternative if you want to ooze hippie chic vibes, or this patchwork skirt is ideal for those who want a more authentic look. It comes with multi-colored assorted patches made out of various cotton fabrics. 

Now, let’s move to the last items that make up the base of your Professor Trelawney costume: the socks and the shoes. I loved these knitted socks from Amazon and these comfortable ankle boots. The best thing is that you can put both items to good use during the winter!

Professor Trelawney Costume: Accessories

This is one of my favorite parts: finding the accessories! In a costume, details are everything. Professor Trelawney wears a few items that enhance her hippie look. Three of them are crucial: the hair,  the bandana, and the huge glasses. 

First, the wig to recreate her frazzled ‘do. This one from Amazon looks very convincing. Second, the head scarf; I found this silk scarf on Amazon that matches the whole look so far. Third, her large glasses. Iconikal Store has made these thick glasses that go perfectly with the look and achieve the effect described in the book where Trelawney’s eyes appear several sizes too big.

Now, another detail that’ll make you look like Professor Trelawney is the jewelry. This multi-bead necklace and bangle bracelet are perfect to add an extra touch.

Finishing Touches for Your Costume

Last but not least, we can’t forget about two items that make Professor Trelawney stand out: her wand and crystal ball. 

I have included the authentic recreation of Professor Trelawney’s wand from the Noble Collection. And, we can’t forget about your crystal ball! How else are you going to gaze into the future? This crystal ball from Amazon looks so real, people will come right at you to learn about what awaits them in the years to come.  

Pre-Made Professor Trelawney Costumes

Professor Trelawney - Premade Costume

Perhaps, you don’t have enough time to put together your own costume (is it October 28th again?!), or you just didn’t want to spend a lot of time gathering the items to create it. Whatever the reason, you can always purchase a premade Professor Trelawney costume. 

This pre-made costume I found on Amazon is a great re-creation from the films. It comes with a green dress with small embroidered details, a poplin maxi skirt, which comes with three different fabrics to create the patchwork pattern, the huge glasses, of course, and a headband. It instantly transforms you into a recognizable Sybil Trelawney, which is a pretty impressive feat.

Have any questions about putting together your own Professor Trelawney costume? Let me know in the comments!

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