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Professor McGonagall Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

If you’ve ever yearned to embody the stern yet enchanting charm of Hogwarts’ most formidable professor, you’ve clicked on the right broomstick.

No need for a transfiguration spell, this guide is your ticket to creating an impeccable Professor McGonagall costume from the comfort of your own castle. From her emerald-green robes to her square spectacles, we will meticulously guide you through every detail, helping you embody the revered Transfiguration teacher and Gryffindor Head of House.

Professor McGonagall Costume Hero

Although we can’t promise to make you an Animagus (McGonagall’s ability to transform into a tabby cat is quite an advanced skill!), we can assure you of a bewitchingly accurate ensemble. So, ready your wands, it’s time to ‘swish and flick’ your way into the fashion realm of Professor Minerva McGonagall. And remember, it’s ‘le-vi-O-sa’, not ‘levio-saa’, even in the world of costume creation!

Professor McGonagall Costume Item List

Professor McGonagall Costume - Components

So you’ve decided to dress up as the talented Minerva McGonagall. Building your Professor McGonagall costume is quite easy as she keeps her look relatively simple. 

Below you’ll find a list of all the items you need for your costume:

As you can see, this costume is significantly easier (fewer items, lower cost) than a lot of the other Harry Potter character costumes you could choose to make – good choice!

Professor McGonagall Costume: Clothes

Let’s start with the foundation of your Professor McGonagall costume. Minerva is always seen wearing a velvet emerald robe. I found this robe on Amazon which is fantastic. It even comes with the brooch Minerva often wears! 

She also wears a pointed witch’s hat with a long feather jutting out the top of it. This hat from Amazon will do a good job. It has two feathers banded together that give the perfect finishing touch. 

Professor McGonagall Costume: Accessories

As I always say, accessories are a vital part of any costume. The first thing is the hair; Professor McGonagall wears her hair in a tight bun. I found this gray wig that’s just perfect – yeah it says it’s for an old lady, but it works once you put the hat on!

Next, you need a wand. You may have one, but if you don’t, get the Professor McGonagall replica wand from Universal Studios… you could go all the way to Hollywood or Orlando to buy it, but it’s also available online.

And you need shoes! Minerva wears black ankle boots, so I went and found these classic black ankle boots with leather lining. 

Pre-Made Professor McGonagall Costumes

Professor McGonagall Costume - Pre-Made

Perhaps you got an impromptu invitation to a costume party and don’t have time to find all the items for your outfit or you just don’t have the energy and want a simpler alternative. If that’s the case, here is a pre-made Professor McGonagall costume for adults and another alternative for kids

The adult costume is a great option, to be honest. It looks very authentic and you can choose to buy a version with or without the hat. The kid’s costume is equally good though you’ll have to purchase a hat too.

Have any questions about how to make your own Professor McGonagall costume? Let me know in the comments below.

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