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40+ Gifts Proud Hufflepuffs Will Love [Hufflepuff Gift Guide]

Before the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them films, it’s easy to see why Hufflepuffs felt under-represented in the Wizarding world. Sure, we’d met a handful of Harry’s classmates in Chamber of Secrets and all the girls giggled over that “tall, good-looking” Cedric Diggory (POA, Ch. 9) – but Hufflepuffs felt unloved. That’s evident as there aren’t nearly as many Hufflepuff gift guide options on the internet as there are for all three other houses.

But when Fantastic Beasts came out, all of the world’s Hufflepuffs rejoiced: Newt Scamander was a hero for all ‘Puffs (and the rest of us too)! Hufflepuffs have their hero, and are enthusiastic to show their House pride.

I’ve been working on a series of gift guides for each house: here’s Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin! But this one’s for you, dear Hufflepuff. Whether you “Support Cedric Diggory” or finally feel seen thanks to Newt Scamander, this Hufflepuff gift guide will give you tons of great ideas for what to add to your holiday list this year.

Note: This post is out-of-date, and many of the items I originally selected are no longer available. I have marked them with a ❌ but you can still check the links that interest you in case they have come back in stock. If you’re looking for an updated Hufflepuff Gift Guide, click here.

Goods for Your Own Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuff Gift Guide - Common Room

We don’t know exactly where the Hufflepuff common room is, other than that it’s “down stone steps” through a “door to the right” of the marble staircase in the Entrance Hall (GOF, Ch. 17), the same direction as the kitchens.

It’s the only common room we’ve never been inside, though J.K. Rowling has shared the location and a description of the Hufflepuff common room in later interviews. (It sounds a lot like a Hobbit hole if you want to read it here and here.)

Since you get to decide what your dream Hufflepuff common room is like, here are some gifts to inspire you:

  1. It’s no Goblet of Fire spitting out Diggory’s name as Hogwarts Champion, but this Hufflepuff goblet is a great way to enjoy a cup of butterbeer.
  2. If you’re heading out for a walk around the lake on the Hogwarts grounds, put your favorite magical potion in this Hufflepuff cup to stay hydrated along the way.
  3. After a day of quidditch, cozy up in your common room under this Hufflepuff tapestry blanket.
  4. Start every day off bright with this ceramic yellow Hufflepuff coffee cup ❌…
  5. …or opt for this cool black cauldron coffee mug with the Hufflepuff crest and two badgers.
  6. Lastly, no place is home unless it smells like home: this House of Badgers soy candle ❌ smells like orange zest, creamsicle, rum, and bitter chocolate. Perfect for folks who live near the Hogwarts kitchens!

There are a few other items I loved, including this cute badger blanket and equally cute badger mug ❌.

Books Worthy of the Hogwarts Library

Hufflepuff Gift Guide - Library

In addition to a cozy common room with plants and natural lights, I have to imagine that the Hufflepuffs have a wall of books to enjoy in their own private library. Here are some of the books every Hufflepuff should have:

  1. You can add new covers to your existing HP collection with these gorgeous Hufflepuff book jackets.
  2. Keep notes in Herbology class with this badger-topped Hufflepuff pen.
  3. Never lose your place when reading a good book or studying a textbook with this Hufflepuff bookmark ❌.
  4. If you’re working on personal growth as any good ‘Puff would be, this “Loyalty” journal is perfect to help you embrace your inner Hufflepuff.
  5. Speaking of when you’re taking notes in class, this Hufflepuff notebook is the perfect option.
  6. Lastly, there’s also a series of Hufflepuff-edition Harry Potter books that are the ultimate gift for any HP fan. The full set hasn’t been released yet, but you can get:

…and the remainder of the series should be available soon!

Clothes to Build a Hufflepuff Wardrobe

Hufflepuff Gift Guide - Wardrobe

When you choose to leave your cozy common room and explore the world, you can continue to rep your Hufflepuff Pride for everyone to see. Here are some fabulous gifts to add to your wardrobe:

  1. When strolling to and from your own Prefect’s bathroom, be sure to don your fabulous Hufflepuff robe ❌.
  2. For the witches, this replica Hufflepuff headband ❌ is a necessary part of your school (or life!) wardrobe.
  3. I don’t think it’s part of the official wardrobe students wear, but this Hufflepuff sweatshirt looks perfect for a lazy Saturday.
  4. While you could buy a standard Hufflepuff scarf (linked below), I’m a fan of this Newt Scamander style Hufflepuff scarf ❌ instead.
  5. Similarly, there are official Hufflepuff winter hats, but this heathered pom-pom Hufflepuff beanie ❌ is a way cozier option.
  6. We all know Hufflepuffs are the most responsible, so sport your house pride and keep yourself and others safe with this Hufflepuff face mask ❌ .
  7. Dress up for any day of class or work with your official Hufflepuff house tie.
  8. Lastly, if you’re looking to have the coolest kicks of any of your muggle friends, these Hufflepuff K-Swiss sneakers ❌ are a must.

In case you want ever more Hufflepuff gift suggestions to wear around Hogsmeade, consider this Hufflepuff crest tee ❌, the official Hufflepuff replica scarf, or rock these Hufflepuff socks under your robes or Muggle clothes. Speaking of robes, here are the official Hufflepuff robes you need for any cons or visits to the Wizarding World. And if you need another scarf option, this Hufflepuff infinity scarf is better for the warm months.

Hufflepuff Jewelry Worth the Galleons

Hufflepuff Gift Guide - Jewelry

Hufflepuffs aren’t ostentatious, but that’s no reason not to treat yo’ self to some nice accessories that rep your ‘Puff pride. Here are some splurge-worthy options:

  1. This gorgeous Hufflepuff ring set ❌ comes with one ring each in three different sizes; it’s perfect for adding a little bling that your friends in other houses will envy.
  2. For a little more bling, this bangle bracelet set in bold Hufflepuff yellow is eye-catching.
  3. For the wizards, these Hufflepuff cufflinks ❌ are subtle but make a clear statement: your House rocks!
  4. Less brazen than the other items on this list, a sterling Hufflepuff signet ring ❌ is perfect for everyday wear.
  5. I already recommended a wall clock for your ‘Common Room,’ when you want to keep on time away from Hogwarts, this Hufflepuff watch will help.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this beautiful Hufflepuff cup necklace ❌ that’s the perfect statement piece for other Hufflepuffs in the know.

Other Goodies & Gifts Hufflepuffs Will Love

Hufflepuff Gift Guide - Other Gifts

Last but not least, I always like to include a few of the “random” goodies I find in my Hufflepuff gift guide. This section, unsurprisingly, has a whole lotta yellow, black, and gold.

  1. First, you can’t skip investing in a Hufflepuff cup to sit on your mantle or shelf. This five-inch replica is perfect and definitely not a Horcrux.
  2. Make anything you like in life into Hufflepuff swag with this House crest patch ❌.
  3. Seal your owl post to keep it private with this Hufflepuff wax seal set.
  4. When you switch to Muggle communication on your phone, it too will be safe with this Hufflepuff phone case ❌.
  5. I already included one Hufflepuff pen above, but this Hufflepuff pen and stand ❌ is also pretty great.
  6. No House gift guide would be complete without including the Hufflepuff handbag I’ve included on every other list too. This is perfect for the fashionable Hufflepuffs have.

And here are a few more options in case you somehow haven’t found a perfect option yet on this Hufflepuff gift guide. Set the holiday spirit with a Hufflepuff stocking ❌, pack your most important items in this cool Hufflepuff uniform clutch ❌, and put everything else in this little Hufflepuff carry-all (it comes in three different sizes!)

What did I miss: are there any other items you’d put on your Hufflepuff gift guide? Let me know in the comments!

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