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Hufflepuff Gift Guide for Christmas 2023: 10 Gifts for the Best Badger You Know

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us again – it’s snuck up almost unexpectedly, like the first task in the Triwizard Tournament did for Cedric Diggory! While I’ve previously shared a Hufflepuff gift guide, over the years that post has become less useful because items go in and out of stock.

To help with that, I’ve put together a brand new gift guide for the 2023 holiday season. Below you’ll find 10 gifts that are currently available and that Hufflepuffs of all ages will love. From high-quality hand-made items to the elements that transform their house into a Hufflepuff common room. Take a look and you’re sure to find something to treat your beloved badger this holiday season.

See any product that has gone out of stock? Please let me know in the comments!

Hufflepuff Dust Jackets

Hufflepuffs may not be the most bookish house but I do believe Puffs have a strong connection to literature. I mean, Newt Scamander was the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them after all.

I imagine Hufflepuff rooms would have a wall of their favorite books, which they re-read over and over again, evoking their love for familiarity and comfort. While I’m sure you already have an extensive HP book collection you can get these book jackets to give them a yellow-and-gold makeover. 

Hufflepuff Music Box

If the person you’re gift shopping for is a bit like Hepzibah Smith and likes to collect lovely things, where better to store them than in a beautifully carved box – especially one that is also a music box that plays one of the most iconic songs from the Harry Potter film series? (That would be Hedwig’s Theme, of course.)

This is the perfect item that fits the bill, but there are only a few available at a time, likely because of the time and effort it takes to make them. Each side shows a different motif from Hogwarts and the lid shows the castle itself; it’s really a beautiful addition to any Hufflepuff collection.

Hufflepuff Insulated Mug

This Hufflepuff coffee mug is one of the perfect gifts for Hufflepuffs who’d like to start off their day the right way. You can enjoy your morning coffee or a warm beverage after spending several hours outside gardening.

It is insulated, so you can spend hours in Professor Sprout’s greenhouse learning about Mandrake’s properties, and still indulge in a warm beverage after the class to recover some energy. 

Hufflepuff Hoodie

Hufflepuff is the most underrated of all houses, which has led to some ‘Puffs themselves being reluctant to represent their house.

Thankfully, with the Fantastic Beast movies and the arrival of Newt Scamander, Hufflepuffs recovered their sense of pride – and the rest of us recognized how worthy of appraisal they are. This hoodie is the perfect way to rep your house wherever you go while staying warm, comfy, and stylish.

Loyalty: A Guided Journal

Of all the Hufflepuff gift ideas, this guided journal is one of my favorites. Loyalty and kindness are what define Hufflepuffs. But, as we’ve seen in the books and movies, it’s important to do some inner work to help these traits blossom.

This “Loyalty” journal is perfect to embrace your inner Hufflepuff and get some daily activities to fully develop one of these key traits: loyalty. The journal features lists, one-line-a-day activities, and free-writing prompts, all designed to foster self-reflection and discover what lies within you. 

P.S. As part of my guide for Gryffindors this year, I also found these gorgeous planners and didn’t want to forget to include the ‘Courage’ version here for Hufflepuffs too.

Hufflepuff Pennant

Hufflepuff doesn’t enjoy the vast variety of décor pieces that the other houses do, which is why I always like to include the ones I find in my Hufflepuff gift guide.

In addition to the interior plants (which I’m sure they already have like any good Hufflepuff should), you can get this Hufflepuff pennant to add a touch of black-and-yellow to your common room or private library. Hang it on the wall, door, or above your bed and show your house loyalty with pride.

Hufflepuff’s Cup

The Hufflepuff’s Cup is one of the most sought-after props and has a place in most Potterheads’ personal collections. The Noble collection has this stunning five-inch Hufflepuff’s Cup, displaying great appreciation for detail in its design.

Don’t worry! It’s just a replica, not a Horcrux. Best of all, it can work as a piece of décor for any room, whether it has an HP theme or not.

Hufflepuff Bookmark

This Hufflepuff bookmark will make sure you never have to spend hours finding the book page where you had left off again. They’re gorgeous, and the seller uses officially licensed Harry Potter fabric to make them.

You won’t be able to wait to show it off to your fellow Hufflepuff friends. It is also an awesome gift for any Hufflepuff that’s also a little bookworm, because there are few of those out there!

Hufflepuff Handbag

My Hufflepuff gift guide wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include the Hufflepuff Handbag I’ve included on my other gift lists.

This fashionable Hufflepuff handbag is super roomy; it’s perfect for everything from Diagon Alley shopping trips to carrying essentials ranging from textbooks, wand, and potion ingredients to comfortably go to class or cat litter if you’re channeling Mrs. Figg.

Hufflepuff Homesick Candle

Last but not least, this Hufflepuff Homesick Candle is another perfect alternative to invade your common room with warmth and lovely scents.

The candle has a delightful combination of green apple, jasmine, and chamomile. It also has traces of fern leaves, honey, dandelions,  patchouli, burnt sugar, and hazelnut. Put it on top of your night table and light it up, while you relax after a quidditch game. 

So which of these perfect Hufflepuff gifts will you be buying for the lion you love? Let me know any questions in the comments below!

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