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9 Brilliant Hermione Granger Scented Candles

If there’s one character in the Harry Potter series that I most identify with, it’s the brilliant, inimitable Hermione Granger. From her bushy hair, large front teeth, and bossy demeanor in the first book to the actress (Emma Watson) that played her in the films and grew into a kick-ass woman, Hermione is a character that is both inspiring and intimidating – “You’re a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant, but scary,” as Ron puts it.

If you too identify with or admire Hermione, you might want to bring a little bit of her character into your life – and that’s where Hermione Granger scented candles come in. By lighting a candle that was made to evoke the spirit of both book smart and wildly practical Miss Granger, you can bring a little bit of that energy into your life.

I’ve scoured the internet to find the best candles scented for Hermione Granger, and here they are. Note that if you’re looking for the Bath & Body Works that smells like Hermione Granger, you won’t find it here – that wasn’t part of the TikTok trend! Instead, you’ll find hand-poured candles from craftspeople around the world. Read on to find a Hermione scented candle you love and which inspires you to be your best witch self.

(If you love the idea of scented candles inspired by your favorite characters, I also have lists for Harry, Malfoy, and the Weasley Twins with more coming soon!)

Featured photo credit: bookandreverie via Etsy

Hermione by Book & Reverie

The Hermione candle by Book & Reverie is one of the most popular Hermione-scented candles on Etsy. Not by mere chance. The scent of this candle is exactly what you envisioned for Hermione. 

It has a heavenly blend of light and fresh notes, plus it comes with a beautiful purple swirl on the top of the wax. The candle’s throw is incredible; it won’t take long before it wraps your room and inspires you to study like a Granger every time you light it. 

Hermione Granger Scented Candle - book
Hermione Candle by bookandreverie on Etsy

Hermione by Olivia Honeyduke Designs

If floral scents are your thing, you’re going to love this Hermione candle by Olivia Honeyduke Designs. The candle’s aromatic profile is a blend of cherry blossom, jasmine, bergamot, and vanilla orchid. A true bouquet of fresh flowers! 

The candle’s throw is great without being overbearing when burning and fills the room with a nice, subtle flowery scent. I also love how the seller paid attention to little details, like the packaging. The candle comes wrapped in a page of The Daily Prophet and with an HP wax seal.

Hermione Granger Scented Candle - Hermioine
HERMIONE Candle by OliviaHoneydukeDes on Etsy

Hermione Granger by Fantasy Flames

FantasyFlamesShop has encapsulated in candles every single character from Harry Potter. Of course, they’ve also concocted a scented candle for the beloved Hermione Granger

Their Hermione candle has a delicate and floral aroma you can perceive right out of the package. The scent is a warm blend of sweet vanilla and violet scent with hints of sandalwood, creating a tranquil ambiance for your study sessions. The candle also burns excellently and lasts as long as advertised.

Hermione Granger Scented Candle - Granger
Granger Candle by FantasyFlamesShop on Etsy

Evening in the Library by Les Lumieres Du Nord

Evening in the Library is one of my favorite Hermione Granger scented candles. Everything, from the scent to the jar, is a perfect representation of Hermione. The candle simulates an apothecary jar with a lovely cork lid, giving off a potions class vibe. 

The seller has decided to encapsulate the scents one perceives in a library. The result is a delicious combination of teakwood, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, and dark musk. The candle burns great. You can have it burning for hours and it will barely make a dent. 

Although sold out now, I’m hoping it comes back into stock soon because it’s a perfect Hermione-scented candle. 

Hermione Granger Scented Candle - Evening in the library
Evening in the Library by LesLumieresDuNord on Etsy

Smells Like Hermione by C&E Craft Co.

CandECraftCo is another seller with a vast collection of HP-scented candles. For their Smells Like Hermione candle, they’ve decided to represent both the soft and hard sides of her personality. 

The concoction has notes of amber, representing Hermione’s bluntness, and pink lotus, representing her kindness. The powdery and floral scents blend smells amazing, not too strong or too subtle, just right. The candle comes in a glass jar with a cute fuchsia label that stands out against the white wax. 

Hermione Granger Scented Candles - Smells Like Hermione copy
Smells like Hermione by CandECraftCo on Etsy

The Brightest Witch of Her Age by Quigley Candle Co.

If you love delicate candles, check out The Brightest Witch of Her Age if you love delicate candles. It comes in a glass jar with a cute pink label. The fragrance is a mix of warm, wood, and sweet notes. You’ll notice spices and cedarwood intertwined with rich vanilla, warm coconut, and jasmine petals over sandalwood, amber, musk, and cocoa butter hints. 

This candle is of excellent quality. Even when it’s not actually burning, it makes the house smell great. I’m in love with the packaging as well. The candle comes wrapped in white recycled paper with an Owl postcard on the right corner.

 Hermione Granger Scented candle - The brightest witch of her age
The Brightest Witch of Her Age by QuigleyCandleCo on Etsy

Top Witch by Enchanted by K

If you’re a bold muggle willing to try candles that aren’t earthy or floral, I suggest you give the Top Witch candle a chance. This cute candle fragrance profile combines lilac, sweet candy, and marshmallow– with that combination, we could say this candle is the definition of gourmand. 

As for the design, the candle comes in a cute amber jar with a label. The top of the candle has iridescent glitter, which looks lovely when the flame is flickering. The seller also offers burlap gift wrapping if you’re thinking of getting the candle for a fellow Potterhead. 

Hermione granger scented candle -Top Witch Candle
Top Witch Candle by EnchantedbyK on Etsy

Wizardry Bookstore by Scently Delightful

Any person who loves wandering through a bookstore while the scent of books wraps their senses is going to adore the Wizardry Bookstore candle

The seller has captured that sense of nostalgia that bookstores evoke in us and the scents we associate with physical books—the paper, the ink, the glue. It has woody aromas and earthy scents. As soon as you open the lid, you can smell distinctive aromas of mahogany shelves, leather-bound books, and old pages. Burn it while reading your new book, and it’ll immediately transport you to Flourish & Blotts bookshop. 

Hermione Granger Scented candle -WIZARDRY bookstore
WIZARDRY BOOKSTORE Candle by ScentlyDelightful on Etsy

Witch’s Library by Lunar Spark Shop

The Witch’s Library is a work of art. Gorgeous candle. Unlike the other Hermione Granger scented candles on the list, Witch’s Library is a  beeswax candle instead of soy. The presentation and design of this candle are gorgeous. It comes with green wax, and on top, it has clear quartz points, rose petals, and glitter. You can’t deny it definitely has a “Wizarding” design.  

Its scent gravitates toward spicier, darker notes, with a combination of old book pages, leather, tobacco, lilac, and rose. It won’t be too long since you find yourself ordering The Witch’s Library candle again.

Hermione Granger Scented Candle - witchs library
Witch’s Library Beeswax Candles by LunarSparkShop on Etsy

Aren’t these just lovely? Like Hermione struggling to choose classes in Third Year, you’re probably struggling about which one to choose, right? If you have any questions about these Hermione-scented candles or a link is no longer working, let me know in the comments!

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