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15 Delightful Herbology Gifts for Every Harry Potter Fan

Do you have a green thumb? Or maybe a black one but wish it were green? No matter your proficiency with handling plants, it’s hard to resist the lure of a magic like Herbology. Just imagine being able to grow magical plants that can help you out of tough situations – like breathing underwater for an hour, or looking cool, funny, and impressive when your crush comes to say hi. (Or maybe not that last one!)

I’ll be honest: I used to disregard Herbology as a “serious” magic, until I read how Neville, Professor Sprout, and other herbologists used magical plants in the Battle of Hogwarts as part of my Harry Potter podcast, the Glittering Bell Jar. Now, I think it’s a much cooler form of magic – and am curious to learn more about it myself.

If you’ve always known Herbology was cool (or you’re shopping for someone who thinks this way), you might want to rep your pride for this branch of magic – and there are some fantastic Herbology gifts for you. Below you’ll find 15 of my favorite Herbology gifts, including some that use real plants as part of the product! Read on to discover all the Herbology goodies that will make your thumbs even greener.

Classic Herbology Tee

When it comes to Herbology gifts, t-shirts are excellent ones. I love this Classic Herbology Tee on Etsy. It features a classic design, with a Herbology header and drawings of the different plants and fungi any witch and wizard should know. 

The cotton has a nice soft feel, and the print is bold and detailed. A must-buy for any Harry Potter fan! It also comes in different colors; most are versatile and have easy-going tones. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Plants Shirt
Herbology Plants Shirt by SelenApparrelUS on Etsy

Herbology Jumper

Since the pandemic started, sweatshirts rapidly escalated from cozy clothes to “wardrobe essential.” Any Potterhead would be delighted to add an HP-themed sweatshirt to their collection. 

This Herbology Jumper on Etsy features the same design as the Herbology t-shirt above. Soft and plush, it’s of excellent quality. Its versatile style will make the wearer look good on any occasion. They’ll want to wear it all day!

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Plants Sweatshirt
Herbology Plants Sweatshirt by SoftTouchApparelUs on Etsy

Harry Potter Poster

I don’t know about you, but I love HP décor. Little pieces that bring a dash of magic into the atmosphere. I’m sure all HP fans share my feelings, which is why I’ve included this Harry Potter poster on the list. Printed on nice thick paper, the poster boasts a Wizarding academic vibe. It definitely looks like something Pomona Sprout would hang in her classroom. 

The design features different plants in bold colors, and you can get them in various sizes. I think it’s one of the loveliest gifts for herbology fans and would look perfect in a kitchen or a dorm. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Poster
Herbology Poster by Happyastore on Etsy

Herbology Print Set

In case the Potterhead in your life hasn’t been making it to their Herbology classes, you can get them these stunning Herbology print sets. It features four charts, each documenting and accurately depicting some of the most essential plants every Herbology student must study, from the Abyssinian Shrivelfig to the deadly Venomous Tentacula. 

Everything about the charts is delightful. Even the paper adds charm to give it that Harry Potter feel. Given their classy design, these charts make more subtle Herbology gifts and easily blend in with other decorations.

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Chart Print Set
Herbology Chart by georgioudraws on Etsy

Artsy Herbology Tee

For yet another clothing alternative, I’ve found this Artsy Herbology Tee. It features a more classic design, and HP vibes aren’t as straightforward as other versions. It does look amazing, though! Besides a few plants and fungi, the print shows a few HP symbols. 

The fabric is the softest cotton. You can choose heathered colors or simple ones, like white and black. Its subtle design makes the t-shirt a good alternative for plants lovers in general, given the HP theme isn’t as evident. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Plants Shirt 2
Herbology Plants Shirt by ArtzDesignStore on Etsy

Herbology Mug

Many people love collecting mugs–t makes total sense. They’re practical, personal, and look amazing on a kitchen counter. This Herbology mug is one of the best Herbology gifts if you ask me.

 Its lovely design with the Herbology chart printed will speak to anyone who loves plants or HP. It’s also a memorable gift, and they will surely think about you every time they are sipping on their coffee or tea out of this mug. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Mug Plants
Herbology Mug by Salastinto on Etsy

Herbology Socks

Socks are the perfect gift for anyone. They (magically) disappear or get holes… so it never hurts to get a new pair. RockEm has the perfect pair of socks for Herbology fans. They feature a flashy design with bold drawings and strident colors that won’t go unnoticed. 

The sole comes in black, while the cuff is white and displays all the different plants and sprouts. They have three different sizes and are tall-socks, so they’re a bit higher than your average crew pair. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Socks
Photo Courtesy of RockEm

Herbology Notebook

If the birthday boy or girl loves jotting down notes, they’ll love this Harry Potter Herbology Tabbed Journal. It features lovely Herbology details all around and comes with tabbed sections to help you organize your month efficiently.

The cover has a more artsy look, with the plants’ drawings boasting a hand-painted finish. Each tabbed section also has a lovely cover with a delicate drawing of one of the plants plus their name. 

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Journal
Photo Courtesy of Hot Topic

Mandrake Notebook

This Mandrake Notebook is one of the most authentic gifts for Neville fans out there. It has a unique and versatile design. Potterheads can use it as a magical notebook, sketchbook, or journal. 

The cover’s artwork features a Guide to Herbology lettering plus a drawing with mandrake and fungi in green. The softcover also has this brownish color, adding an “old book” feel. Moreover, the notebook’s packaging is out of this world, so you won’t even have to worry about wrapping it. 

Herbology Gifts Mandrake notebook
Guide to Herbology Notebook by ADAGRACEE on Etsy

Botanical Coloring Book

Herbology fans might be all about plants, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy unleashing their creative side once in a while. The Botanical Coloring Book includes a digital print of 12 coloring book pages. Each document features the silhouette of a magical plant plus its name. 

The detail on the prints is stunning, and you can have them printed on different materials and then hang them on the gallery wall. Coloring books are also perfect Herbology gifts for HP fans with a knack for drawing.

Herbology Gifts - Botanical Coloring Book
Herbology Coloring Book by Indieartful on Etsy

Mandrake Sticker

This Baby Mandrake Root Sticker is adorable, and it will bring a smile to any witch or wizard’s face as soon as they see it. The sticker is hand-drawn and boasts impressive details all over. Its quality is also stunning; the colors are so bright and saturated. 

Moreover, the sticker comes with easy-peel backing. It would look great adorning magical school books, computers, or water bottles. All the packaging is super cute as well. 

Herbology Gifts - Mandrake Root Sticker
Herbology Root Sticker by WhimsyWildPaperCraft on Etsy

Rosemary & Fresh-Cut Grass Herbology Candle

I love scented candles. Their hypnotizing flame, the memories we associate with their scents, the warmth they bring to a room. It’s a piece of décor everyone should have in their homes. 

I found this Herbology candle on Etsy that would be an excellent addition to any HP-themed room. From the moment you open the lid, this cute little candle emanates a grassy, herbal scent that will immediately transport you to a forest or greenhouse. 

Herbology Gift - Herbology Candle
Herbology Candle by PretAGeek on Etsy

Herb, Citrus & Musk Herbology Candle

I’ve also found this Herbology candle featuring an exhilarating blend of fresh herbs with a sparkle of citrus, white musk, and earthy mandrake root. The scent is so evocative that if you close your eyes and take a sniff, you’ll feel you’re sitting in a Herbology Classroom at Hogwarts! 

The candle also has an excellent throw, allowing the scent to circulate through different areas of the house. The wax comes in a pale green tone to accompany the Herbology theme. 

Herbology Gifts Herbology Magic Candle
Herbology Magic Inspired Candle by ScentlyDelightful on Etsy

Rainwater & Herb Herbology Candle 

The Rainwater & Herb candle is the last one on the list, I promise! It also comes in green color and has the loveliest dried plants, flowers, and iridescent glitter on top of the wax. The inside is so pretty you won’t even want to burn it! It has lovely fresh scented notes, which the seller has listed as “flowers, rainwater, and herbs. The candle also comes in a gorgeous amber jar that adds to the magical feeling.

Herbology Gifts - Herbology Candle Flowers and Rainwater
Herbology Flowers & Rainwater scented candle by EnchantedbyK on Etsy

Calm Witch Lavender Bath Bomb

Every wizard needs a reinvigorating bath after a long day at the garden digging out mandrake. We all know how messy and tiring it can be unearthing the weeping root! Luckily, I found this Calm Witch Soothing Lavender Natural Bath Bomb. It comes with calming lavender essential oils and dried lavender flowers to help restore energy. The scent is delightful, with lavender and herbal notes.

Herbology Gifts - Soothing Bath Bomb
Soothing Bath Bomb by BlastedBath on Etsy

Which of these Herbology gifts tops your list? Or which one will you be gifting to someone you know who loves Herbology? Let me know any questions about these products in the comments below!

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