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The 11 Best Harry Potter Travel Accessories: Enchanting Trunks, Bags & More

Planes, trains, and automobiles – it doesn’t matter how you travel, there’s something enchanting about exploring a new place. I love travel – it’s my favorite hobby and even a main part of my Muggle career. But I don’t love how travel can be exhausting and uncomfortable, so I’m always looking for great travel gear to make my life easier.

To that end, I’ve scoured to find the best Harry Potter travel accessories that both make travel less unpleasant and rep my love of Harry Potter. From trunks and suitcases to carry-on items like water bottles and travel journals, there are a lot of Harry Potter travel accessories out there. Here I’ve narrowed down the hundreds of choices to 10 travel accessories I love and think you will too.

If the First of September passes each year and you still haven’t had the chance to ride the Hogwarts Express (magical or real), that doesn’t mean your Muggle travels have to be dull. These Harry Potter travel accessories will help make your journies easier, comfortable, and yes, more magical.

Hogwarts Sleep Mask & Travel Pillow

Whether you rep Gryffindor or proudly support Slytherin – or are a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff who’s tired of being ignored – you need a good night of sleep to tackle a History of Magic exam or win a Quidditch final. Or to arrive in a new destination without that annoying Muggle medical concern: jet lag.

This Hogwarts designed neck pillow and eye mask is non-House specific (though you can find ones for each house) and will ensure you’re well-rested and ready for whatever magical adventures you discover while exploring the wizarding world or the Muggle one.

Travel Pillow & Mask

Hogwarts Supply List Leather Tote

In addition to a good suitcase, most witches prefer to have a purse while traveling too; this Hogwarts school supply list leather tote is perfect for a day of Muggle traveling.

Printed with the list of Hogwarts supplies that first-year students need, you won’t need an undetectable extension charm to fit all your personal items in this spacious tote for your flight or train ride.

Hogwarts Supply List Leather Tote

Leather Hogwarts Dopp Kit

On the other hand, wizards may prefer a different leather item to add to their collection of Harry Potter travel accessories. This leather dopp kit is a great option for keeping gentlemanly toiletries organized.

With a Hogwarts crest attached, the leather is aged and almost looks like a tiny soft-sided trunk; it will fit perfectly into any Harry Potter luggage or carry-on you’re packing.

Leather Dopp Kit

Aguamenti Reusable Water Bottle

While it’s never addressed in the Magical World, it’s important to be a sustainable travel in every way you can. That means reducing single-use plastics.

That’s where this Aguamenti water bottle comes in – it’s super helpful and clever because it also has marks on the bottle to help you drink enough water throughout the day.

After all, you never heard about Hermione getting dehydrated while becoming one of the most accomplished witches of her age!

Aguamenti Water Bottle

Hogwarts Express Ticket Luggage Tag

I browsed a lot of different Harry Potter luggage tags before choosing this one – so if this Hogwarts Express ticket luggage tag doesn’t strike your fancy, there are other options.

What I love about this one is that you need a Hogwarts Express ticket to take any magical journey, so this makes sure you always have one while journeying around the world – whether by magic carpet or apparition.

Hogwarts Express Ticket Luggage Tag

Clear/Golden Snitch Toiletry Bags

As you pack your trunk for Hogwarts or Hawaii, you’ll need to keep your toiletries organized to get past the Ministry wizards at airport security.

This three-pack of clear but Golden Snitch-printed bags are TSA-approved and perfect for repping your witch or wizard status but still complying with the Ministry decrees.

Clear Golden Snitch Toiletry Bags

Platform 9¾ Luggage Lock

If you’re looking for a really subtle touch for your non-magical luggage – or to commit completely from handle to spinning wheels – this Platform 9¾ luggage lock is a must-have.

It’s small and scarlet and will keep your suitcase secure even when those TSA guys try to use Alohamora! on it.

(Actually, this luggage lock is TSA approved, so their magic spells will work… but nobody else’s will!)

Platform 934 Luggage Lock

Hogwarts Letter Travel Journal

There are a lot of great travel journals out there – including some cool Hogwarts House ones and replicas of Tom Riddle’s diary.

What I prefer about this Hogwarts acceptance letter travel journal is the fact that it has a strong cover, and several credit card slots (which are also great for holding souvenir ticket stubs), and a place to slide a pen into the cover too. It’s just really functional and magically designed.

Hogwarts Letter Travel Journal

Hogwarts Luggage

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t typically endorse any particular Hogwarts House when I write these lists of magical equipment. I do this because I want all witches and wizards to feel welcome here on Follow the Butterflies – which maybe means I’m a Hufflepuff at heart!

That’s why I recommend this Hogwarts and Harry Potter printed carry-on suitcase from Target. It’s classic and reps your HP pride without causing any feuds with other witch or wizards you encounter during your “Grand Tour of the world.”

Buy on Target
Hogwarts Suitcase

Hogwarts House Trunk Luggage

I’ll admit it: I saved the best for last! PB Teen has some amazing Harry Potter luggage, including these carry-on suitcase trunks in each of the Hogwarts houses. As a Slytherin, I had to rep my House pride here (of course!).

These are a splurge, but the ultimate Harry Potter luggage for the ultimate fan.

Slytherin Trunk

What other magical equipment or Harry Potter travel accessories do you take on every trip?
Let me know in the comments!

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