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The 10 Best Harry Potter Subscription Boxes (Updated for 2023)

Is there anything better than receiving a parcel by Owl Post? Despite being a grown witch, I love opening the front door to discover a box of goodies waiting on the doorstep – even when I know exactly what’s inside as I’ve ordered it on one of those Muggle shopping sites.

But the best kind of mail is when you don’t know what’s inside – when it’s a surprise. That’s where subscription boxes come in. Best of all, there are a number of Harry Potter subscription boxes to choose from. Each box typically contains magical items that will surprise you upon arrival, whether that’s monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or some other cadence.

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes Hero

Below I break down some of the best Harry Potter subscription boxes available, and each one is a little bit different in terms of frequency, price, and the items they include. I recommend reviewing the full list, then choosing perhaps one or two to try – it would be very easy to blow your entire Gringotts savings on this loot!

This post was originally published in September 2021, and was updated most recently in March 2023.
Almost all other photos courtesy of their respective boxes.

1. Magic Delivered

Note: As of November 2022, The Accio Box is now Magic Delivered!

If you want a monthly Harry Potter subscription box option, Magic Delivered is for you! I recently bought my first Accio Box (as it was called at the time) and the theme – Keeper of the Keys – was executed perfectly! Every item was so thoughtful and beautiful, and I’m really excited for future boxes.

While this box isn’t officially licensed, there is something great about it: they include products from small businesses and artisans that help distribute those Galleons beyond the Pottermore pocket.

Magic Delivered boxes cost $64.99 (+$14 shipping) for their standard quarterly subscription, which includes 7+ magical items. Best of all, I have a special link that gives you $12 off your first box! Click below to signup for the best Harry Potter subscription box out there!

Since changing their brand, I haven’t yet received a box from Magic Delivered – but I am waiting for my first one as I write this. I’ll be sure to update once I receive a box and can confirm they’re still as awesome as it was before.

2. Bibbidi Wizard

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - Wizard's Vault

The first HP subscription box I ever tried scores highly on my list of the best Harry Potter subscription boxes: the Bibbidy Wizard. This company has several fantastic subscription boxes in addition to this Wizarding World-inspired one: the Galaxy Box is inspired by Star Wars, the Universe Box is packed with superhero swag, and their original Bibbidi Bobbidi boxes are inspired by all things Disney.

Back to the Bibbidy Wizard though, the best part is how personalized each box is: when you subscribe you share your gender (including a neutral option), Hogwarts House, pet species, and more. This allows you to receive a truly magical box every time. I even put together an unboxing and review on Youtube if you’re curious.

They also offer six pricing options, ranging from $44.99 to $249.99. Since I bought my first box, they have also added a “Mystery” option so you can choose to receive items without picking them in advance – but they still offer the personalized option too.

3. The Magical Subscription from LitJoy

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - Magical Subscription from Litjoy

If you’d rather save a bit and opt for a quarterly Harry Potter subscription box, The Magical Subscription from LitJoy is a good option. This box costs $54.99 (plus shipping) and includes 6-8 Wizarding World-inspired items to justify that higher price point. Taking a look at the site, you’ll see that past items in boxes were truly magical: from gorgeous artwork to magical trinkets you can’t find anywhere else (like Knight Bus tickets and dragon coins).

LitJoy, as their name suggests, is all about staying true to the literary spirit of the books, so everything here is loyal to the Wizarding World and what we know of it from the books (and occasionally movies too).

4. Cauldron Crate

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - Cauldron Crate

As I was writing this list, I discovered another Harry Potter subscription box and knew I had to squeeze it onto my list! Cauldron Crate is a UK-based subscription box (so for U.S. subscribers, shipping is a bit steep) that’s sent three times per year (every four months).

Each “chest” (box) has a theme, which means you can get a sense for what you’ll receive based on the name. Past chests have been inspired by both the books (“The Philosopher’s Chest,” “The Chest of the Half-Blood Prince,” etc.) and Horcruxes (“The Ring Chest,” “The Diary Chest,” etc.). Best of all, these boxes are packed with items, often including 10+ per box.

The standard subscription is £34.99 for 11+ items; there’s also a premium chest with 15+ items for £59.99. I’m super tempted to try one of these out, especially as after taking a break, boxes will be shipped again in July 2023 and quarterly going forward.

5. The Wizarding Trunk

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - Wizarding Trunk

The Wizarding Trunk took a hiatus during the pandemic, but they’re back now – so they also make my list of great Harry Potter subscription boxes. Boxes are shipped bi-monthly or quarterly (two subscription options). They include 8-10 items, which makes the price really reasonable ($54.99 for bi-monthly and $64.99 for quarterly boxes).

Best of all, they work with small Magical Makers to include items hand-made by fellow Potterheads who love Harry Potter and the Wizarding World as much as you do.

6. Harry Potter Box from Geeks, Goblins & Galaxies

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - Geeks, Goblins & Galaxies

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that will still scratch the itch for getting regular infusions of HP goodies in your life, the box from Geeks, Goblins & Galaxies will be perfect for you. Boxes start from $27.49 with free shipping, and include a tee (guaranteed) plus at least two other goodies, which could include “decor, home goods, bags, mugs, puzzles, or other fun surprises” (quoting from their website).

I’m keen to give this one a try soon – they also have a Dungeons & Dragons box that I’m excited about trying to review for my new D&D blog. 😅

7-9. Wizardry Boxes from GeekGear

Harry Potter Subscription Boxes - GeekGear

For a couple of different options, check out the various boxes offered by GeekGear. In my research, I found three: the Wizardry Mystery Box (£25.99 per box, pictured above), the limited-edition Elf Box (£34.99), and the limited-edition Creatures Box (£34.99). I’m sure they have others too – showing you can either choose to subscribe or put together your own “subscription” to their limited-edition boxes.

Since the boxes vary quite a bit, it’s hard to say exactly what each one will include; using the Wizarding Mystery box as an example, you can expect 5-7 items from throughout the Wizarding World.

10. Harry Potter T-Shirt Club

If you want to sport your love of all things Wizarding World every day, this last Harry Potter subscription box might be worth it for you.

The Harry Potter T-Shirt Club is actually run through Amazon, which is a platform I’ve never seen used this way. For $19.99 per box, you’ll receive one new t-shirt per box/month – and these are officially licensed shirts designed for and exclusively sold through the T-Shirt Club. Actually, for a simple concept, it sounds kind of magical!

Beware – Avoid: Loot Crate

While my original list included the Loot Crate subscription box, I received a lot of comments from folks (below) that pointed out it has been very unreliable and inconsistent in shipping and fulfilling orders for customers. Based on that, I decided first to remove Loot Crate entirely – then to add this section as a warning. If you want the full story from fellow Potterheads who were disappointed by Loot Crate, check the comments section below.

Do you know of other Harry Potter subscription boxes I should include or review for this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Tracie Graves

    I do NOT recommend the loot crate subscription box. My daughter got her July box in October. She still hasn’t received her September or November box. Loot crate may be the only licensed one but they have major issues with actually getting you the product you pay for.

    • Avatar photo


      Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that, Tracie! I’ll be honest, they’re not my favorite either but I wanted to start with the licensed one since it’s the only “official” one…

    • Christina

      Totally agree. Loote Crate has gotten worse since this was written. When I first ordered, I got my box promptly, which I would learn would happen that one time. The box was great, I believe it was a special edition potions box if I remember correctly. I was in love. Fast forward throughout the next entire yr. My subscription auto renewed in July and September. The first box didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. No biggie, we were on the last bit of 2021 so everything/one was still crazy and trying to get themselves back to whatever normal was. So, while waiting on that box, I was auto renewed again for the following box. Then everything went downhill quickly from there. We were heading into October and I was still waiting on my box from July, communication about issues went from being every so often(like an afterthought) to me having to be the one to constantly reach out to them and hope they responded. Each time I was given a new shipping time period. From early October, to late October, then early December, mid December, late December, early January… you get the point. Thankfully I canceled my subscription after being auto renewed for 2nd time and still with zero boxes, I definitely didn’t see it turning into the disaster it was though. So, those boxes were july/September 2021. I found myself STILL reaching out in March of 2022. Meanwhile, they’re posting on their Instagram page about new boxes from different genres. It was really maddening. So, I started to read comments. Clearly I wasn’t alone. 80% of comments were complaints about the wait period and lack of communication. Those comments were always deleted but it became really the only way we knew our complaints were being seen and heard and they knew there was a major issue they were ignoring. FINALLY in March of this year , someone else must have taken over because I received an email talking about past boxes and new shipping dates for each. From them without me asking. And they actually sent them. Were they great like my original experience? No. It felt thrown together and you could tell it was half put together when it was originally supposed to be sent and then the other half was like they frantically ran around the warehouse and grabbed whatever was HP themed. So in March going into April I got a long sleeve shirt, a tea diffuser, and a mug warmer, a house beanie, etc. Great for when it was supposed to be received (heading into Fall 2021) not so much going into the Spring of 2022, especially in New Orleans where I live. But at that point, that was the last complaint I had. I wasn’t even about to reach out and bring this to their awareness. I was just shocked and relieved my boxes shipped out on the dates given in that email and actually arrived at my house . Almost a year later. Which is unfortunate bc they did really have cool stuff and it was one of the only ones that offered shirts. Licensed at that.

      • Brittney

        I did the Wizardry Boxes from GeekGear for a year and half during the pandemic. It was great loved the items that came and the tee shirts. But in 2022 they cut back and said they were not going to do new ones they were losing money. So they sold the old boxes they had. Then they upped and shut down the site it has a big fraud/scam warning on it. It took me 5 months going back and forth with my bank to get them to stop the payments that kept coming out and I did not receive any boxes. I had to close the card down completely. File it fraud and get a new one so they would stop taking my money. I tried to email GeekGear many times and nothing. Never had a problem before. But it seems they closed up shop but kept taking money. I really did like this box when it was coming. I would of keep getting the old boxes because I lost my whole collection in a fire. But thanks for sharing these boxes I am looking for a new one to start!! Can’t wait to rebuild my collection back up!

  • Brie

    This is so intriguing – I had no idea there were Harry Potter subscription boxes! Thanks for sharing!!
    I am also commenting because I had a question for you about your ‘About Me’ page. Why is the Deathly Hallow Part 1 your favorite? I’m curious because while I think it’s an awesome movie, it doesn’t have the action of Part 2 or some of the other movies, so I want to know what aspects of it has it top your list? The anticipation and character development?

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks for reading – they’re pretty great, and I hope to start sharing some unboxings on my YouTube soon!

      For DH Part 1, I love it because it’s one of the most loyal to the books (since SS or COS) and has incredible scenery and acting. 🙂

  • Brindan Peppers

    Do not get loot crate! I haven’t received my box since august I’m waiting on 4 boxes and they keep saying it’s coming then change the date to later it’s almost February and I still haven’t received my august box! I understand why you have it on the list but just a warning if you want to actually receive what you paid for don’t order loot crate!

  • Christina

    Glad to see I’m not the only Loot Crate complainer. I finally received my july/September boxes of 2021 in the end of March and early April of 2022. Throughout that time period was a serious lack of communication which was probably the worst. They just ignored the complaints and emails. If I did receive a response, I was given a different answer on shipping. Even when it was the same day, just different social platforms bc at that point I was trying to reach them anyway possible due to their lack of communication. I felt the boxes were frantically put together and they definitely didn’t fit the time of shipping (i.e. winter stuff in April) , but I was at no point to complain. It’s really unfortunate bc they had great stuff and one of the only boxes with shirts, and licensed at that. Now I get my sub boxes from LitJoy and Wizarding Trunk. Litjoy has had an issue in the past about an item or 2 that they were still waiting on so they couldn’t ship on the given date but they communicated. It wasn’t a big deal at all. Simple communication could of made a huge difference. I hope to see Loot Crate be rebooted back to something great. I believe it may be bc the last email I received about shipment of old boxes was written and presented totally different. Not to mention it actually shipped and arrived at my house🥴 Cauldron Crate is super expensive for those living in the US or not in the UK. Shipping is a killer. I also want to say it may be going on a hiatus , or the horcrux boxes were going on hiatus bc the creator was starting school again. Something that was always in her plans, she did the box in the midst of one part of her education to the next. I was going to sign up after seeing a You Tube video of a box opening of the 2nd Horcrux box, I want to say. I was extremely impressed with what I saw. Shortly after I saw a video talking about the hiatus or something along those lines. Not sure if it’s going into someone else’s hands like Accio box did.

    • Avatar photo


      Yeah, unfortunately they keep turning off their discount codes – it’s very frustrating, and I’m sorry it’s not working right now.

  • Misty C

    Hi. We have a Harry Potter Box in our line of boxes. You can choose tshirt only or tshirt and goodies which includes 2 Harry Potter themed novelty gifts. We have 2 limited offers right now. A free Bluetooth Speaker with our multi-month plans and $5 off your first purchase with code NEWYEAR.

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks for sharing, Misty! I’ve added to your box to my notes for the next time I update this list. Also, I have a D&D site… it’s very cool that you have one of those boxes too!

    • Avatar photo


      Misty, hi, I’ve added your box to the list. I’d love to chat about a strategic partnership if you’re open to it. Feel free to email me valerie@followthebutterflies if you’re open to it!

  • Erin

    Just wanted to let you know that you should remove GeakGear from this list as they are now basically a sham of a company. They stopped doing subscription boxes (they still had them on their site to buy even after the stopped them) and instead of just canceling everyone’s subscriptions the kept billing everyone and made it so that you have to cancel it yourself. They also have not issued refunds for everyone who have requested them. People also never got items they ordered since early to mid 2022. If you try to go to their site now Google will warn you that it is not a safe site.

  • Dan

    I stopped buying LootCrate when their orders kept getting delayed… I wonder if their any better now. I changed over to Gobstone Alley, which now seems to be gone 🙁 Now to figure out what subscription is best for me!

    • Avatar photo


      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems, Dan. I like Magic Delivered a lot if you have the budget for their boxes!

  • Bobbie Ricks


    I am reaching out as I have previously used Geek Gear and the website doesn’t seem to be working any longer. Have they gone out of business?

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