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The 9 Best Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers & Stockings to Hold Them

As we approach the winter holidays, you might feel more nervous than Neville before his Potions OWL exam. After all, choosing the right gifts for everyone in your life is hard work – and not everyone has the equivalent natural talent of the Half-Blood Prince when it comes to gift-giving!

Don’t fret – I’m here to help! For this year’s holiday season, I’ve scoured one of my favorite hand-made sites, Etsy, to find a number of Harry Potter stockings and Harry Potter stocking stuffers that any HP fan will love. These crafted goods will bring a little extra magic into your holiday season and delight the wannabe witch or wizard who receives them. If you love what you see here, be sure to check Etsy for all kinds of other holiday goodies.

Read on to discover the best stocking stuffers from the Wizarding World and rest easy knowing Snape won’t be judging your gift choices, no matter what you choose.

Featured image courtesy of CASEYHillArtistry via Etsy.

Harry Potter Stockings to Stuff

Just like the Christmas tree, no Christmas decor in the wizard or muggle world is complete without stockings. They add a magical touch to the holiday season, and, if they are Harry Potter stockings, even more! 

There are plenty of gorgeous HP stockings, like this handmade Marauders Map stocking. It measures approximately 13 inches tall and 7 inches across at the top cuff, providing lots of room for all kinds of goodies. You can also find more discrete HP-themed stockings, like this classic hand-knit stocking. The design is truly unique (she uses her own knit pattern) and features two white owls. You can also personalize this stocking with up to 9 letters – perhaps with the name of the Potterhead in your life. (I’m aware this one isn’t available right now but wanted to include it because it’s so cute!)

In case you’d like to see other hand-knitted stockings, you can check out CASEYHillArtistry’s stockings. They feature a thicker pattern and come in each houses’ colors. You can also personalize it with the muggle’s name initials. It looks gorgeous, and the quality is incredible! Those who want their stockings to boast iconic HP references can look at Pirate Knitting’s stockings. Their stockings feature Platform 9 3/4, Deathly Hallows, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff designs. They can also personalize each stocking with initials.

Finally, while you might not be thinking about school at Christmas, it’s never a bad time to show pride for your beloved Hogwarts. AriellaDarling has designed these gorgeous Hogwarts stockings. All wizards and witches can purchase it as the design features each house’s stained glass emblems.

The Best Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers

Now that you’ve got your stocking is time to find the Harry Potter stocking stuffers! Below, I’ve listed nine of the cutest Harry Potter stocking stuffers you can get this Christmas, for yourself or the Harry Potter fan in your life.

1. Magical Bath Set

If the HP fan in your life also loves all things skincare, then they’ll love this Harry Potter bath set. It comes with plant-based soaps, scrubs, oils, and body butters. All the bath time delights feature a magical quality, like the Espresso Patronum, which they’ve specially concocted to scrub the darkness away. 

2. Cauldron Bath Bombs

These Cauldron Bath Bombs are so insanely cute that the gift recipient might feel bad for throwing them in the tub – until they realize it transforms an ordinary bath into the Prefect’s Bathroom. Once dropped into a hot tub, they create an explosion of color, matching the House they belong to in the Wizarding World!

3. Harry Soaps

Are you looking for small Harry Potter gifts? Look no further! These Harry Soaps (thankfully not hairy soaps!) will make the most adorable (and tiny) gift. They are a miniature version of Harry’s head, and you can choose to personalize the bottom with the recipient’s House’s colors. By the way, the soaps smell amazing, with a cherry-berry blend fragrance. 

4. Figurine Soaps

Don’t hesitate to get these figurine soaps if you have little muggles at home. They have an HP lego figure inside, so they’ll have a great incentive to scrub their hands! They also smell delicious as they are scented with Dumbledore’s Sherbet Lemon.

5. “Butterbrew” Lip Balm

There’s no potion (or at least that we muggles know about) to get rid of chapped lips. However, this deliciously scented “butterbrew” lip balm will do the job in the meantime. (I’m pretty sure this is butterbeer-scented but the maker doesn’t want to risk any copyright issues – which is smart!) The concoction is muggle-made with high-quality oils and butters, including avocado oil, cocoa butter, creamy shea butter, and organic Vitamin E.

6. Bertie Bott’s Candle

Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers - Bertie Botts Candle

For adult muggles and wizards, decor pieces make some of the best Harry Potter stocking stuffers. Inspired by the candy, this Bertie Bott’s candle would be a lovely gift for a Potterhead who’s decorating their new home or bathroom. As a heads up, the name isn’t the only thing that served as inspiration. You also never know which scent you’re going to get!

I also love this candle for a stocking-stuffer – as opposed to other Harry Potter-scented candles – because it doesn’t risk you buying the wrong candle (like a Gryffindor scent for a Ravenclaw!). This candlemaker also has a number of other cool HP-inspired scents, like “Christmas at the Burrow” and “Not Today Muggle.”

7. Lighting Scar Headband

Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers - Headband

Some muggles can’t stand hair touching their faces (like me!). If you happen to know one and need to get them a gift, this Wizard Headband is an excellent option. The headband features cute HP drawings, like the Sorting Hat, Hedwig, Harry’s glasses, and his Gryffindor scarf. Besides being adorable, it’s comfortable and with the perfect stretch. 

8. Slytherin Scrunchies

Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers - Scrunchies

These Slytherin Scrunchies would make for an excellent (and practical) stocking stuffer for the Slytherin in your life. They are made from licensed Harry Potter and Slytherin fabric and feature different patterns depending on the model you choose.  

I’m obviously biased since I’m highlighting the scrunchies from my own House, but here are also scrunchies for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

9. Cozy Coffee Koozie

You won’t find a better HP stocking stuffer for a Harry Potter who also loves muggle coffee lover than this coffee cup koozie. The crochet pattern is lovely, depicting Harry’s face, with the glasses and everything! It’s easy to carry around and fits standard-size paper cups from a muggle coffee or tea shop.

While there are certainly other great small Harry Potter gifts available, I love these ones as they’re unique and hand-made by HP fans just like you or your gift recipient. Do you know of any other great Harry Potter stocking stuffers, or have questions about these ones? Let me know in the comments!

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