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The 13 Best Harry Potter Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree This Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you, like me, celebrate and love Christmas, you know that this season has its own special magic that goes beyond what we discover in the wizarding world.

To help you add more magic to your Christmas tree this year, I’ve scoured Etsy. I love Etsy for hand-made presents and holiday gifts, and discovered there are tons of amazing ornaments there too. That includes some wondrous wizarding Harry Potter ornaments that you may want to add to your tree. I’ve checked all the links and swapped out any ornaments that are no longer available from last year; each item on this list is available as of publishing to decorate for the Christmas Holidays in 2021.

Read on for 13 of the best Harry Potter ornaments, which span from the first pages of the Harry Potter series to the last.

Heads up! Some of the ornaments I added for Christmas 2021 are already sold out thanks to this list.
If you see one you like and want it, be sure to buy right away so you don’t miss out!
If they’re all sold out, here’s a list of 20+ other Harry Potter ornaments I found on Etsy.

The absolutely perfect featured photo in this post shows one bonus Harry Potter Christmas tree decoration you might want this year: Happy Christmas garland from HauckDesignCo on Etsy.

This post was originally published in December 2020, and was updated in November 2021.

1. Harry’s Birthday Cake

Harry Potter Ornaments - Harry's Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Ornament by VeryHarryMiniatures

Starting at the beginning (the very best place to start), the first ornament your Harry Potter Christmas tree needs marks a totally different holiday: Harry’s 11th birthday.

VeryHarryMiniatures offers two different versions of the cake Hagrid made Harry for the first party he ever celebrated: a book version (for those of us who are purists) and a film version (for those who are okay with the idea that Hagrid’s a bit illiterate). Can you tell which one I want??

2. Harry & Ron’s Christmas Sweaters

Harry Potter Ornaments - Christmas Sweaters
Christmas Sweater Ornaments by VeryHarryMiniatures

Here’s another one for you movie fans: VeryHarryMiniatures makes these adorable, tiny, hand-knit replicas of the sweaters Mrs. Weasley knit for Harry and Ron for their first Christmas at Hogwarts. Unlike Gred and Forge, it’s pretty clear whose sweater goes to whom.

They come in a set of two, and they’re honestly so cute, you may end up wanting to leave them up around the house all year long.

3. Editions of the Daily Prophet

Harry Potter Ornaments - Daily Prophet
Daily Prophet Ornaments by LaReesCollection

I’ll be honest: I thought one of the most creative parts of the Order of the Phoenix film was the use of Daily Prophet covers to convey a lot of information. Now your Christmas tree can do the same!

Each of these Daily Prophet ornaments from LaReesCollection comes with an important headline from the Wizarding World, including the Flying Ford Anglia, news about Hogwarts headmasters and Harry Potter, and the Dark Lord’s rise. Honestly, if it were me, I’d buy them all and tuck them around my tree as a scavenger hunt for intrepid people admiring my decorations.

4. Flitwick’s Flying Keys

Harry Potter Ornaments - Flying Keys
Flying Key Ornaments by PaigesCraftsDesigns

One of the simplest ways to add a little magic to your Christmas tree this year – other than fairy lights, of course – is with a few (or a lot) of the flying keys charmed by Professor Flitwick to defend the Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

These flying key ornaments are made by PaigesCraftsDesigns and are subtly magical – most people won’t realize they represent the Wizarding World. Even better, they get cheaper the more you buy, ranging from $2.70 for a single key to just $1.58 for a set of 40 keys (enough for the whole tree!).

5. The Grim in the Teacup

Harry Potter Ornaments - Grim Teacup
Grim Teacup Ornament from VeryHarryMiniatures

I always wondered how tea leaves could appear as a Grim until I saw the Goblet of Fire film; the creative way it appeared on screen made sudden sense to someone like me who drinks tea in teabags.

In any case, you can add a sense of whimsical foreboding to your holiday decorations with this ominous Grim teacup ornament from VeryHarryMiniatures – gosh, they make such delightful Harry Potter ornaments, don’t they? It comes in blue and pink, like Trelawney’s class, as well as blue and green to match your holiday color scheme whatever it might be.

6. Harry’s Acceptance Letter

Harry Potter Ornaments - Hogwarts Letters
Hogwarts acceptance letter ornaments by WandCloakandStone

Like the Daily Prophet ornaments higher up on this list, here’s another fun way to bring some magical missives to the boughs of your holiday tree. These Hogwarts acceptance letter ornaments by WandCloakandStone may be made out to Harry, but they’ll inspire everyone who sees them to dream of a cheery ride on the Hogwarts Express for the Christmas holidays.

7. Mrs. Weasley’s Howler

Harry Potter Ornaments - Howler
Howler ornament from SilverSpruceCo

Okay here’s one magical letter you might not want to receive, but which adds a delightful pop of holiday color to your tree. Receiving a Howler like from Mrs. Weasley or Neville’s grandmother was a distinctly scary prospect for all kids who read the books at a certain age – heck, I wouldn’t even want to receive a Howler now, unless it was this one!

The Howler ornament from SilverSpruceCo is also a nice size, at 7 inches tall. It’ll definitely be eye catching if you add this to your tree!

8. Mr. Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia

Harry Potter Ornaments - Flying Ford Anglia
Flying Ford Anglia ornament from Sparklingem

Wanna get away this winter? Just hop in your flying Ford Anglia and head outta town! Not an option? Well at least you can add a pop of blue to your tree with this miniature ornament version.

This Flying Ford Anglia ornament from Sparklingem also has tiny versions of Ron, Harry, and Hedwig in the windshield looking like they’ve just realized the Hogwarts Express is chasing them… as long as you don’t have one of those on your tree (or running around the bottom), everything will be peaceful this holiday season.

9. Dumbledrore’s Pensive

Harry Potter Ornaments - Pensieve
Pensieve ornament from VillageDisplayDesign

For one more interesting Harry Potter ornament to add some magic to your Christmas tree, consider this distinctive film interpretation of Dumbledore’s Pensieve. The Pensieve ornament from VillageDisplayDesign is perfect! The stone basin is filled with glow-in-the-dark water, meaning it will shine bright even after you turn off the lights on your tree each night (except Christmas Eve, of course!).

10. Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter Ornaments - Sorcerer's Stone
Philosophers Sorcerers Stone Christmas Tree Decoration by TheMagicalParrot

The object of every wizard’s desire, the sorcerer’s stone (or philosopher’s stone for you Brits) is also a covetous Harry Potter ornament to hang on your tree. This Sorcerer’s stone ornament by TheMagicalParrot doesn’t look quite like the film version, but it’s still instantly recognizable. Snag one to add an extra pop of Christmas red to your tree.

Note: This Etsy shop is currently taking a break, but you can bookmark it!

11. Time Turner

Harry Potter Ornaments - Time Turner
Time Turner Christmas Tree Decoration Ornament by TheMagicalParrot

Christmas brings up lots of fond memories for me, as I’m sure it does for you too. Unfortunately, you can’t use this Time Turner ornament by TheMagicalParrot to turn back the clock and do those past Christmases over.

It will however help you make new ones that come to mind each future Christmas when you hong this ornament on your tree!

Note: This Etsy shop is currently taking a break, but you can bookmark it!

12. Slytherin’s Locket

Harry Potter Ornaments - Slytherin Locket
Slytherin’s Locket Christmas Tree Decoration by TheMagicalParrot

The last two ornaments on my list, the only two Horcrux ornaments I could find on Etsy, are obviously important in the Harry Potter books. This one, Slytherin’s Locket by TheMagicalParrot, also adds a little sparkle and wintry green to the boughs of your Christmas tree. Just don’t try and open it, because you can’t be sure what’s inside.

Note: This Etsy shop is currently taking a break, but you can bookmark it!

13. Ravenclaw’s Diadem

Best Harry Potter Ornaments - Ravenclaw's Diadem
Ravenclaw Diadem Ornament from WizardingApothecary

Last, but certainly not least, decorate your tree with the most hidden Horcrux that it took Harry the longest to find: Ravenclaw’s Diadem. This ornament by WizardingApothecary is a must for all of you Ravenclaws, of course, but everyone will admire its beauty on your tree.

Unfortunately, it probably won’t give you any extra wisdom when it comes time to choose presents for everyone this year!

Bonus: The Ultimate Harry Potter Tree Topper

Sorting Hat Tree Topper
Mini Sorting Hat Tree Topper by NikaNikaBJDShop

Okay so this isn’t a Harry Potter ornament, but I couldn’t skip the most important part of your Christmas tree: the topper!

I spotted this super cute hand-made Sorting Hat by NikaNikaBJDShop that you can sit on the branches of your Christmas tree – or set on top for a truly magical tree topper. Skip the star this year!

As a reminder, some of the ornaments I added for Christmas 2021 are already sold out thanks to this list.
If they’re all sold out, here’s a list of 20+ other Harry Potter ornaments I found on Etsy.

Are there any other Harry Potter ornaments you love on your tree each year? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add more each new holiday season!

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