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How to Design the Ultimate Harry Potter Office

Like the muggle world, the Wizarding world runs smoothly thanks to the hard work of thousands of witches and wizards in offices across the country. We don’t see it much beyond scenes in the Ministry of Magic, but there are a lot of jobs that require magical folk to toil away for hours in the office – just like we do.

Since we spend so much time working, it’s important to design a workspace that actually inspires your best work – whether it’s muggle assignments or wand work!

If you want your workspace to be as cool as Dumbledore’s study, read on for all the decor, supplies, and products you need to design the ultimate Harry Potter office space – whether you’re working at home or use Floo powder to commute every day.

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Harry Potter Office Decorations

Depending on whether you have a home office or an office office, you might not have complete control over the decorations in your workspace. But, these decorations will help make whatever place you work into a much more magical place.

  • If you do have total control over your Harry Potter office space, this wall decal will be a good reminder when your boss is asking for something. (Repeat after me: “don’t let the muggles get you down!“)
  • This Hogwarts Table Lamp will brighten your desk and remind everyone you’re Hogwarts alumni – even though your wall diploma says otherwise.
  • Ideally, your Harry Potter office includes a nice bookshelf full of great books (rather than slimy things in jars, like Snape’s office!). Keep those books tidy with these cool Platform 9¾ Bookends.
  • There is a ton of great Harry Potter art to choose from for decorating your office/cubicle walls – but this wooden Always art is always appropriate.
  • Last but not least, no office can be complete without a Sorting Hat on a shelf somewhere!

Harry Potter Office Supplies

To get any work done, you’ll need to have the right office supplies. From pens and pencils to organization gadgets and more, these office supplies will be the details that really make your Harry Potter office a complete experience. (Muggles visiting your workspace will admire your commitment to the theme!)

Let’s start with writing instruments:

To keep all those pens and pencils organized, this white owl (Hedwig) pen and pencil holder is perfect. Or you could keep them all in a Marauder’s Map pen and pencil bag.

Speaking of organization, these cute HP paper clips will be super handy; these Horcrux bookmarks will be too if you need to mark your spot in books or documents. You could also attach or seal important projects with this cool decorative tape set in a variety of Wizarding world prints.

Lastly, transform your standard stack of Muggle Post-It notes (handy if you can’t use a memory charm to remember something!) into the Monster Book of Post-Its.

Harry Potter Computer Accessories

Computers and technology aren’t a huge part of the Wizarding world; it’s how we Muggles survive, Mr. Weasley! If you are stuck using Muggle tech despite your magical prowess, these computer accessories will add magic to the mundane in your Harry Potter office.

Harry Potter Desk Accessories

You’ve got the decorations, the office supplies, and the tech… Next up it’s time to finish the rest of your Harry Potter office /workspace with some magical desk accessories.

  • This Hedwig-ish owl and books trinket box is perfect for keeping small items and Horcruxes safe while you work.
  • If you want/need extra light on your workspace, this cool Snitch lamp adds a warm glow.
  • Or, this Hogwarts light/sign will add a pop of color to your workspace.
  • This Luna-inspired Spectrespecs business card holder is funky and definitely makes a statement. It may help cut down on wrackspurts in your work area!
  • Finally, stay properly fueled with your choice of muggle potion using this Hogwarts cauldron mug. (Skip the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir!)

Harry Potter Stationary & Paper Products

Finally, no office space is complete without the paper products we all still rely on. Here in the muggle world, we don’t use parchment scrolls – if you get a lead on where I can find those to recommend, let me know!

Start by keeping yourself organized with this set of magical notepads: there’s one for weekly planning, another for to-dos, and a third blank one for whatever inspiration strikes. (For extra creativity, consider getting yourself bit by a Gernumbli gardensi, as Xeno Lovegood says that can help!). You can also use this Marauders Map annual planner to keep track of things on a longer time scale.

Blank notebooks are always handy to have around an office too:

Finally, if you have any important inter-office memos to send and can’t use a paper airplane spell, be sure to use this Hogwarts Wax Seal set to keep your correspondence secure.

If you build your Harry Potter office with all of these things, you’ll certainly have the most magical workspace of anyone in your company. Are there any other Harry Potter office supplies, decorations, or products to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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