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How to Design a Harry Potter Kitchen:
36 Inspiring Ideas

I’ll be honest: if there was a Quikspell course for cooking, I’d need it. I’m a total Squib when it comes to making meals – luckily married a wizard in the kitchen. That said, I know that the kitchen is a cornerstone of the house, and you may be better at whipping up meals than I am. Having a magical place to work on those incredible meals is an important part of any home.

If you want your own equivalent of Molly Weasley’s kitchen where you too can whip up magical flavors to wow your friends, read on. Below you’ll find options to decorate a Harry Potter kitchen, all the kitchen instruments you need, serving dishes, and more.

Featured photo courtesy of BattleBornWoodShopLV on Etsy.

Harry Potter Kitchen Decor

There are so many things to take into account when designing your own Harry Potter kitchen. So, let’s better start this fun process by deciding on the tiny details that will ensure your kitchen has the Harry Potter vibe all over.

  • This Ceramic Owl Utensil Holder not only adds Hogwarts style to your kitchen but also delivers good functionality, fitting up to 10 kitchen utensils.
  • Feel like one of The Marauders while enjoying your tea with this cool Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Ceramic Teapot; it features an authentically detailed “painting” of the magical document.    
  • Your Harry Potter kitchen wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful Williams Sonoma Hedwig Cookie Jar. This sculptural cookie jar is so amazing that it will look as if Hedwig were actually sitting in your kitchen.  
  •  This funny Dobby tea towel would go great with the Marauder’s Map Ceramic Teapot.
  • This watercolor print of the Burrow is the perfect artwork to hang on your kitchen wall and celebrate Harry’s second home.

Harry Potter Kitchen Utensils

Harry Potter Kitchen - Cookie Jar
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Now that you’ve already picked the decor pieces for your kitchen, it’s time to find the wizard utensils you’ll use to prepare those magical meals every day.

  • If you like making treacle tarts or Mrs. Weasley’s famous fruitcakes, William Sonoma has the perfect Harry Potter spatula for you (it would look amazing in the owl utensil holder, too!) 
  • If you want to add a Potions classroom theme to your Harry Potter-inspired kitchen, then you have to check this Harry Potter ceramic cauldron cookie jar.
  • Chopping will never be boring again with this cutting board. We can’t assure you won’t feel a little pressure when you read the “I solemnly swear that my cooking tastes good” phrase engraved on the wood next time you cook for your Muggle and Wizard friends.
  • This cutting board is similar to the one mentioned above; the only difference with this model is that you can personalize it with your name.
  • All Gryffindors can honor their house while cooking with this Williams Sonoma set of 4 spatulas with Gryffindor emblem printed on their heads.
  • If you’re not a Gryffindor but still want a spatulas set, this 6-Piece Organic Wooden Spoons is a good option. Made of bamboo, this set ensures all cooking wizards have the tools to conjure up magical dishes.

Harry Potter Baking & Cooking Items

Food is a huge part of the Wizarding World. Who wouldn’t love to attend those Welcoming Feast each year! If you want to cook Hogwarts delicious recipes, then you’ll need these baking and cooking items in your Harry potter-designed kitchen.

  • Remember the treacle tarts you made with all those spatulas? Well, these magic houses of Potter oven mitts and potholders are what you need to take them out of the oven.   
  • For another potholder option, JustJoAndCo offers a set of two. They come in different designs, featuring the images of the Daily Prophet, emblems of the Hogwarts houses, and the Marauder’s Map.
  • This KitchenAid stand mixer decal is another great item for your Harry Potter kitchen; it comes with four black stickers: two “potions master” and “two cauldrons” so you can decorate both sides.
  •  If you have kids, these cookie cutters are perfect for baking with little muggles. The set includes four cookie cutters shaped like the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin crests. 
  • To keep your family heirloom recipes safe, get this wood recipe box. You can personalize it by engraving your name or your favorite Harry Potter quote!
  • If you got any of the spoons mentioned above, you might need this handmade Harry Potter-inspired spoon rest to follow the theme.  

Harry Potter Dining Sets & Dishes

Harry Potter Kitchen - Spoons - TheOrangeCorner
Photo courtesy of TheOrangeCorner via Etsy

You already have the utensils and cooking items. The only thing missing is the dining sets to present your magical creations. Luckily, there are a TON of choices!



Harry Potter Kitchen - Glasses
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Other Dining Necessities

Other Harry Potter Kitchen Accessories

Harry Potter Ktichen - Placemats - KSHappyThreads
Photo courtesy of KSHappyThreads via Etsy

If you still need more options to create your dreamed Harry Potter kitchen, check these accessories. 

  • For the neat wizards out there, these Harry Potter ceramic storage jars are great to store the herbs and spices that add flavor to your dishes.
  • If you’re a coffee-lover, you can delight (and protect) your palate with this Defense Against Dark Arts espresso blend.
  • Keep your clothes clean and have fun cooking with this Harry Potter apron that has the “If You Don’t Get My Wizard References Then There is Something Siriusly Ron with You” phrase printed.
  •  When summer arrives, take out these surprisingly detailed Hogwarts castle ice molds to freshen up your drink.
  • Most Potterheads own at least one HP magnet, but this one is special. This Harry Potter dishwasher magnet not only has a beautiful engraving but also alerts you if the dishes are clean or dirty!

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Which of these magical Harry Potter kitchen goodies will you be adding to your own version of the Hogwarts kitchen? Let me know in the comments!

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