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How to Plan a Harry Potter-Themed Graduation Party

No more classes, no more books – no more of Snape’s dirty looks! Okay, maybe that’s not what Hogwarts grads traditionally think when it comes time to make their final journey across the Black Lake after finishing their studies, but it surely crossed at least a few Gryffindors’ minds over the years. Here in the Muggle world, graduation is a big deal, and worth celebrating. And though we don’t know exactly how graduation is marked in the Wizarding world, you can certainly be inspired if you need to plan a Harry Potter graduation party.

Tasked with planning the perfect graduation party for a Harry Potter-obsessed graduate, it won’t take much to ensure their momentous milestone is marked in a magical way. Here are four steps to help you plan a Harry Potter graduation party that will definitely be the one to attend.

Featured image Β© Rachel Giese

Step 1. Create a Magical Mortarboard

The grad might already take care of this, but if you want to inspire them, you could go the extra mile and help them decorate their mortarboard cap for the graduation ceremony.

There are lots of ideas – and printables – but the photos above show three I really like as inspiration:

  1. This one about why graduation is really just a substitute for not receiving a Hogwarts letter long ago
  2. I saw several like this one and this one that referenced Harry’s first snitch.
  3. This one which references one of Harry’s first academic achievements.
  4. And finally this one, which I used as the featured photo, which shows what all that time in school was really for. (Special thanks to Rachel for letting me use this photo!)

Step 2. Bestow a Magical Master’s Diploma

Harry Potter Diploma
Photo courtesy of Writing with Magic

Yes, the graduate will receive their official diploma at a ceremony… but if you’re throwing this party for an HP-obsessed person, you can’t skip on getting them a second, more appropriately themed diploma too. This customized Hogwarts diploma is therefore a must-buy to truly mark the graduate’s special day. It can be personalized with the grad’s name and Hogwarts house. (And though it’s signed by Dumbledore, he’s obviously not available to attend the diploma ceremony. 😒)

Step 3. Enjoy Harry Potter Graduation-Themed Treats

It’s not a graduation party without a bit of partying, right? And no party would be complete without sweets and treats to mark the occasion. Though they’re not super common, you can definitely find Harry Potter-themed graduation desserts that the grad can share with guests.

  • I discovered a number of bakeries across the country that have done incredible custom Harry Potter graduation cakes in the past, including Johnson Custom Cakes (Florida), The Night Kitchen Bakery (Pennsylvania), Adrienne & Co Bakery (Kentucky), and Zest Fresh Bakery (Connecticut). All this to say that you can definitely find bakeries willing to make an amazing cake for your Harry Potter-themed graduation party!
  • An easier option is to order (or make) Harry Potter cupcakes, such as these butterbeer cupcakes, and decorate them with these glittery HP cupcake toppers.
  • I also found these gorgeous Harry Potter graduation cookies but can’t figure out where you can order them. If you’re a crafty baker, you could try making them yourself!

Don’t forget drinks, too! I’ve got a number of fantastic drink recipes including butterbeer, Felix Felicis (to give the grad luck!), Polyjuice Potion, and maybe even the Draught of Peace if the graduate is feeling a bit nervous about this big step.

Whatever you choose to make or buy for your Harry Potter graduation party, these Mischief Managed plates, cups, and napkins are the perfect design to serve it on.

Step 4. Give the Grad Gifts

Harry Potter Graduation Gifts
Photo courtesy of HighCaliberTees

Typically, graduates receive card gifts with money – each of my graduations was one of the biggest paydays of my life to that point! To receive those gifts, the grad will need one of these Harry Potter fabric card baskets.

Speaking of cards, I found two great Harry Potter graduation cards:

  1. This one from Etsy reads Mischief Managed but makes it clear that the grad deserves congratulations.
  2. This one from Hallmark bears a quote from Harry that serves as a great reminder for the grad going forward.

If you want to give a gift in addition to a card, there are a few options that are perfect for the recent grad:

  • This personalized mug is a funny reminder of one of the most powerful scenes in the Harry Potter series – but fits the grad’s new adult lifestyle (and all the coffee or tea they’ll be drinking!)
  • Similarly, this tee is personalized to the year and is a fun thing for the grad to wear under their gown.

Lastly, since being a grad and out in the real world might be a little scary, consider gifting this poignant Sirius Black quote art which reads: “what is life without a little risk?” An excellent reminder when the grad is facing a big decision about a future job or move!

No matter how into it you get with your Harry Potter-themed graduation party, it will still be a great time – and one the grad will remember. Have other suggestions for a Harry Potter graduation? Let me know in the comments!

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