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14 Crafty Harry Potter Embroidery Designs

There’s something soothing about crafting something by hand. I mean, I know it would be nice to magically knit elf hats and socks like Hermione, but surely I’m not alone in loving the feeling of accomplishment and creativity that comes from a craft project. And though it might seem old-fashioned, embroidery is a great craft activity to give you all those feels.

On a whim, I recently bought my first embroidery kit, and got hooked: it’s a great way to keep your hands and mind active without defaulting to work, TV, or playing games on your Muggle smartphone. It’s also creative, as you can always modify an embroidery design from the original template once you get the hang of it.

Now that I know a bit more about reverse chains and french knots, I’m ready to dive into my next project – which will be one of the great Harry Potter embroidery designs out there. Below I’ve rounded up some of the best ones I’ve found, which cover the full gamut of the Wizarding World. You can stitch Hogwarts, the Herbology classroom, or the Hallows, whatever you prefer. Or, if you’re crafty and much faster at embroidery than I am, you can try and do them all!

Read on to discover the best Harry Potter embroidery designs and choose one (or more) for your next project.

Featured photo courtesy of AStitchUpEmbroidery on Etsy

​​Hogwarts Official Design

If you’re new to the art of embroidery, this Harry Potter-themed kit is a perfect introduction. The kit features one of the most iconic Harry Potter embroidery designs; Hogwarts Castle, located atop a cliff overlooking the lake. It also comes with all the materials you’ll need to make the project: 10 iron-on transfers, embroidery floss, two pieces of fabric, two pieces of calico backing, two needles, and a 6-inch bamboo hoop. 

Besides the pattern being relatively simple, the quality of the instructional book that comes with this kit is unbelievable. It gives detailed step-by-step directions, insight on different techniques and their difficulty level,  tons of tips, and didactic pictures. 

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Harry Potter Embroidery

Dear Mr. Potter…

Most of us are still waiting for our acceptance letter (and confident it will arrive!) In the meantime, doing Harry Potter embroidery designs is a fun way to entertain yourself, and even better if it’s a design of the awaited acceptance letter.

This kit features a delicate acceptance letter embroidery pattern, the quote “Dear Mr. Potter” on top, and flower details on the sides. It’s suitable for beginners and comes with a booklet that tells you what type of thread, stitches, and colors to use for your hoop. 

Hogwarts Crest

Those looking for large Harry potter cross stitch designs will love this Hogwarts Crest pattern. This digital cross stitch pattern is challenging and depicts the Hogwarts Emblem with flowers and branch details. I think it’s perfect for hanging on a Potterhead’s bedroom or as a gift.

The kit includes a black and white symbol chart, color symbol chart, color floss key with DMC stranded cotton, and a cross-stitch saga app for iOS and Android. 

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs Hogwarts Crest
Photo Courtesy of MIYAstitch via Etsy

Hogwarts Outline

If you’re all about fine lines, this Hogwarts embroidery pattern is for you. It’s on the smaller side as the pattern outline is for a 15 cm/6″ hoop. The design features the castle and a lovely owl flying above. Its size makes it incredibly versatile. You can hang it on your Christmas tree, in your bathroom, or simply leave it on your desk as a subtle piece of décor.

The kit also includes PDF instructions with pictures, color and stitch guides, tools and materials needed, three different methods to transfer the pattern, and tips on how to finish the hoop.

Customizable Sorting Hat

Are you looking for patterns that show off your Hogwarts House pride? Then you’ll want to start stitching out this customizable sorting hat right away. It’s one of the few Harry Potter cross stitch designs that include references to the Hogwarts’ houses individually. The pattern depicts the sorting hat, magic books, a boiling flask, plus a few other HP iconic symbols. The kit comes with 16 PDF files containing a chart with information about the pattern and a color legend with DMC thread numbers and stitch counts. 

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Sorting Hat
Photo Courtesy of StitchFairyCo via Etsy

Magic Beyond All We Do Here

Lazy ones can get this ready-to-hang embroidery hoop featuring a verse of the “Hoggy Warty Hogwarts” song. You can tell the artist made the design with so much care and attention to detail.

It is a delicate hand-stitched 5.3-inch embroidery hoop with pastel colors and lovely flower details. This little piece makes an excellent gift – the hoop comes beautifully wrapped with fun extra goodies, too.

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Hogwarts
Photo Courtesy of JustmadebyB via Etsy

Potions Class Shelves

AStitchUpEmbroidery offers some of the loveliest Harry Potter embroidery designs. They’re fabulous, incredibly detailed, and original. Her Potions Class Shelves embroidery pattern is a testament to that. A beginner-to-intermediate friendly pattern, this design depicts Harry Potter’s lab classroom shelves, each with magical potions, candles, and books– I personally love the flask with green liquid and eyeballs inside. 

The kit comes with a 43-page booklet that tells you what type of thread, stitches, and colors to use for your hoop.  While the pattern is for a 7-inch hoop, you can make the image smaller or larger if you like.

Herbology Shelves

Another beautiful creation of AStitchUpEmbroidery, this design features shelves you’ll find in Pomona Sprout’s Herbology Class. What makes this embroidery design so beautiful is that the pattern includes watercolor painting on the background, which adds a lot of depth to the piece’s overall look. Given that the pattern features many plants and gardening tools, the hoop could also appeal to Potterheads interested in botany.

The pack includes a PDF booklet with helpful tips on colors, threads, and stitches similar to toothed kits.

Winged Key

If you’re a beginner ready to take your embroidery game to the next level, you can check out this Winged Key express pattern. It is a great beginner pattern to try out some new stitching techniques. Although the artist warns, some stitching knowledge will be necessary. 

Since this is an express pattern, the kit comes with the template, the tools you will need, and some suggested stitching techniques to help you along the way. However, there are no step-by-step guidelines. It also includes an 11-page PDF with tips and tricks. 

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Winged Key
Photo Courtesy of AStitchUpEmbroidery via Etsy

The Three Broomsticks

Many Potterheads love designing Harry-Potter-themed rooms. The Three Broomsticks pattern features the logo of the popular inn and pub located in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade. It’s beginner-friendly, so you won’t have much trouble completing your stitching project.

The kit comes with a 24-pages booklet to help you choose the right type of thread, stitches, and colors for your hoop. Be careful, though. Once you hang it on your wall, you’ll be put in the challenging position of serving the finest butterbeer in town. 

Marauder’s Map Spell

Some Potterheads love having HP quotes scattered around the house. It makes total sense as some iconic lines from the Potter series have marked us deeply. This Marauder’s Map Spell embroidery design features one of the most famous HP quotes, ”I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” 

It is a DIY Art Kit, so it includes all the tools you need to make your own embroidery at home. Inside the package, you’ll find a pre-assembled 8” embroidery hoop with canvas and sketch, step-by-step instructions, a needle, a thread, and a thimble.

Harry POtter Embroidery Design - I solemly swear I am up to no good
Photo Courtesy of HandsInArtStudio via Etsy

Golden Snitch Quote

Simple yet beautiful, this kit includes the embroidery pattern of a flying golden snitch. The pattern also features Dumbledore’s enchanted writing on the snitch, “I open at the close,” and a few golden details.

The downloadable pattern has nine pages and includes the traceable design for printing and transferring to your fabric, instructions, and diagrams on how to do each stitch and stitch each part, instructions on putting together your hoop and finishing it off, a few color suggestions, and D.M.C. thread color references plus a list of the supplies needed.

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Golden Snitch
Photo Courtesy of PatternsByVerity via Etsy

Gentle Hallows

This Gentle Hallows design is a creative take on the Deathly Hallows pattern. Also made by AStitchUpEmbroidery, this embroidery design depicts The Deathly Hallows symbol: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility.  I love the leaves that enclose the triangle.

The pack comes with a booklet full of tips, like what type of thread, stitches, and colors to use for your hoop.  The pattern is rather small as it is for a 6-inch hoop, but you can make the image smaller or larger if you like.

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs - Elder wand
Photo Courtesy of AStitchUpEmbroidery via Etsy

Symbols of Harry 

Check out this Symbols of Harry pattern if you’d like to throw in some variety in your embroidery design. It includes numerous iconic symbols that appear throughout the saga, like the Marauder’s Map steps, Harry’s glasses and broom, the golden snitch, and the Philosopher’s stone, among others.

Most reviews state the pattern is beginner-friendly and a fun project to embroider if you’re taking your first steps in this art. The kit includes a 16-page booklet and a separate file for the actual pattern. The pattern is for a 6-inch hoop, but you can make the image smaller or larger if you like.

As you can see, there are so many amazing Harry Potter embroidery designs that it’s hard to choose just one! Best of all, most are affordable and digital, meaning you can buy one today and get started crafting right away. Personally I’m partial to the Gentle Hallows as my next project – but I think I want to challenge myself to the Potions Classroom design someday.

Have any questions about these Harry Potter embroidery designs? Let me know in the comments!

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