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8 Harry Potter Cookbooks to Create Mouth-Watering Magic

It’s one of the most overlooked parts of the magical world, how food is so important to the narrative of the Harry Potter books. After all, some of the most important events in the series take place around meals: becoming friends with Hermione after defeating the troll, Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party before hearing the Basilisk, and even meeting the Triwizard champions from the Goblet of Fire.

Ever since I started this site, I’ve added food and drink recipes – which I call magical flavors – to help us bring magic into our everyday lives. These have ranged widely, and have inspired me to be more creative in my magical concoctions. Sometimes, they have curdled in the cauldron; others have turned out pretty great!

Harry Potter Cookbooks Hero

While you may never cook as well as the House Elves or Molly Weasly, these Harry Potter cookbooks will help step your muggle kitchen skills up a notch or two. Ranging from classics to creative recipes and both official and unofficial versions, these cookbooks are both inspired by and pull recipes directly from the Wizarding World. As Dumbledore says, tuck in!

1. The Effortless Harry Potter Cookbook

We have to face it. Not everyone has a knack for cooking. If this is you, you must check out The Effortless Harry Potter Cookbook: Irresistible and Unexpected Magical Recipes For Wizards And Non-Wizards to Live a Lighter Life. The book has more than 150 recipes inspired by the series that are both easy and magically delicious. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t feature pictures of the finished product so you may have to get creative in the plating department. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - Effortless HP Cookbook

2. House-Elves Cookbook

If you want to put together a full-course dinner, the House-Elves Cookbook is your go-to option. The book has all the famous recipes from the movies.

Best of all, the recipes are adapted for all cooking skill levels and they all come with step-by-step guides and illustrations. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - House-Elves Cookbook

3. The Potterhead Cookbook

One of the Harry Potter cookbooks you need to check is The Potterhead Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Inside this book, you’ll find 25 recipes inspired by the Wizarding World, like exploding bonbons, bangers and mash, and the classic butterbeer.

It features pictures of the recipes so wizarding cooks can see what the dish should look like when they present it. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - The Potterhead Cookbook

4. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

The best feature of this Harry Potter cookbook is how it introduces the recipes.

Each magical recipe is accompanied by a lovely reference that reminds readers of the book chapter and scene in which it appears. There’s also a brief history about the origins of the dishes and how they got to the UK.

You’ll find more than 150 Harry Potter recipes in this cookbook. Enough dishes to organize a feast a la Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Cookbooks - Unofficial HP Cookbook

5. The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

If you only buy one of the Harry Potter cookbooks on this list, make it this one!

Packed with over 40 baking recipes inspired by the Harry Potter universe, this is the only official Harry Potter cookbook. While the recipes are truly delicious, the highlights of this cookbook are the gorgeous images and the extra information about each dish.

Most recipes include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well as “Top Tips” to cook or prepare the recipe. The cookbook also includes “Magical Facts” or bits of information about the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter Cookbooks - The Official HP Baking Book

6. The Unofficial Harry Potter College Cookbook

If you have teenagers who are both Potterheads and foodies, this Harry Potter cookbook is an excellent way to get them started in conjuring up their own dishes. This cookbook also works wonders for college students (it’s called the Harry Potter College Cookbook, after all) since most of the spellbinding recipes are dorm-friendly.

Unlike many other HP cookbooks, this one has a beautiful hardcover version that gives the book a very professional look. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - The Unofficial HP College Cookbook

7. The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook

This magical cookbook could be the perfect gift for your friend who’s a huge fan (or, you know, yourself!). The book presentation is beautiful, and the creative recipes are organized by the seasons of the year. Some of the mouthwatering recipes are inspired by precise moments of the movies and books, like the train ride or the Yule Ball.

To accompany the delicious dishes, the cookbook includes a few magical drinks you might want to try. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook

8. The Complete Harry Potter Cookbook

Do you want a book that has both Harry Potter recipes and cocktails? Well, look no more!

This Harry Potter cookbook joins two books in one. The first part of the cookbook is devoted to cocktail ideas, whereas the second part is for spellbinding dishes.

With over 250 extraordinary and delicious recipes inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, this cookbook will help you prepare all the dishes and drinks for your next wizarding dinner party. 

Harry Potter Cookbooks - The Complete HP Cookbook

While I continue working on my own Harry Potter cookbook, I’ll be browsing these for sure! Have any questions about these Harry Potter cookbooks or the recipes inside? Let me know in the comments!

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