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43 Ideas to Magically Decorate a Harry Potter Bedroom

At Hogwarts, Harry Potter never really feels home until he steps into his Gryffindor dorm room with its familiar four-poster beds. It’s the place he goes to escape when the stresses of class and fellow students whispering rumors and Oliver Wood’s intense Quidditch practice schedule and detentions with Dolores all get to be too much. While we never get to see inside any of the other Hogwarts house dorms, I’d like to think they’re equally comforting – and comfy. Witches and wizards need good rest to learn all that magic, after all!

If you want to recreate that in your own dorm – I mean, bedroom –, this list will help. I’ve scoured the Muggle internet to find the best bedding, lighting, and decorations to create a magical Harry Potter bedroom in your personal Hogwarts – I mean, home. Get ready to be inspired to redecorate!

Harry Potter Sheets & Pillowcases

Harry Potter Bedroom - PB Teen Sheets
Photo courtesy of PB Teen

When it comes to designing your perfect Harry Potter bedroom, there’s literally no more important foundation than the place where you lay your head each night. These designed sheet sets and pillowcases will ensure you wake up magically rested each and every day.

  • The designer Jay Franco has a ton of beautiful sheet sets in various designs from the Wizarding World; these Hogwarts ones are subtle but very cool. Buy on Amazon
  • Pottery Barn Teen also has some gorgeous official Harry Potter sheet sets – it’s almost hard to choose just one to recommend! I love the “Enchanted Night Sky” set which features owls, moons, and stars, and feels like that very first night when we all toasted “The Boy Who Lived.” Buy on PB Teen
  • If you want just one pillowcase to add a pop of magic to your bedroom, how about this howler pillowcase? No promises that you’ll sleep restfully when dreaming of Neville’s Gran yelling all night! Buy on Amazon
  • Here’s another pillowcase option; these bold, colorful sets from Jay Franco come in a set and are available for each Hogwarts house. (They also glow in the dark!!) Buy on Amazon

Other Harry Potter Bedding

Harry Potter Bedroom - Bedding Set
Photo courtesy of PB Teen

Once you’ve sorted your sheets and pillowcases to swaddle yourself each night, the next step of designing a magical Harry Potter bedroom is to choose your other bedding. Here are some great options.

  • If you loved that Enchanted Night Sky sheet set above, there’s more to love: it comes in as a duvet cover and sham from PB Teen too! Buy on PB Teen
  • PB Teen also has a few other bedding items you might want to consider – or add to your bedroom decor. If you could take Dumbledore’s magical robes and turn them into a quilt, it would be this velvet sham adorned with stars and moons. So magical! Buy on PB Teen
  • You may have noticed another duvet in those PB Teen photos; it’s this burgundy Patronus duvet cover and sham. It turns your bed into the equivalent of Harry’s favorite squashy armchair by the Gryffindor Common Room fire! Buy on PB Teen
  • If your bedroom style is more in line with those Jay Franco sheets I shared above, here’s the matching Hogwarts duvet to complete the look. Buy on Amazon
  • The options so far have all been pretty chill like a calming draught; if you prefer bold designs, this “Always” bedding set is a good option with a deep meaning. Buy on Amazon
  • For yet another option, this Daily Prophet set is one of many offered by this brand on Amazon. (To be honest, I’m not sure they’re an authorized HP retailer, but the prices are much more reasonable!) Buy on Amazon

For even more options, Jay Franco has a ton of other designs, styles, colors… you name it! You can deck out your entire room in Slytherin green (a la R.A.B.) or create your own tranquil Ravenclaw bedroom. Browse the full set on Amazon.

Extra Harry Potter Blankets

Harry Potter Bedroom - Throw Blankets

In your dream Harry Potter bedroom, you may want to have an extra throw blanket. For snuggling up on Saturday mornings to read in bed, or to cozy up in an armchair on a rainy day – throw blankets are one of those things that really pull a room together.

Harry Potter Throw Pillows

Harry Potter Bedroom - Throw Pillow
Photo courtesy of PB Teen

Along with throw blankets, throw pillows can pull a room together. Here are some options for final punctuation on your cozy Harry Potter bedding situation:

I also have a ton of other pillows from my Hogwarts house gift guides, too:

It’s easy to go overboard on throw pillows though – so don’t go too crazy!

Harry Potter Night Lights

Harry Potter Bedroom - Nightlights
Photo courtesy of PB Teen

If you’re designing this Harry Potter bedroom for a kiddo, you might want to add a night light for some extra illumination in the dark. (Or if you just don’t want to stub your toe on a nighttime bathroom run as an adult!) Here are some of the best ones I found:

If you can believe it, I didn’t find any great traditional nightlights (the ones that plug right into the socket), so if you know of one, let me know.

Harry Potter Table Lamps

Harry Potter Bedroom - Table Lamps
Photo courtesy of PB Teen

Speaking of lights, don’t forget to add a table lamp on your nightstand to complete the look of your Harry Potter bedroom. There are a bunch of different options – including one hand-made stunner featuring the Tale of the Three Brothers.

Other Harry Potter Bedroom Accessories

Harry Potter Bedroom Accessories

Still need other finishing touches to create a complete Harry Potter bedroom? Don’t worry – I get it. Every detail has to be perfect, and these final bedroom decor items and accessories will pull it all together.

Just like that – and with a healthy budget of Muggle money too, of course – you can put together a beautiful Harry Potter bedroom that rivals the Gryffindor dorm.

(Pssst! Love this post? I’ve got other Harry Potter home decor posts to inspire designing a magical bathroom, kitchen, or home office.)

Are there any Harry Potter bedroom items I missed? Which of those throw pillows or lamps do you most want? Let me know in the comments!

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