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30 Magical, Must-Have Items to Decorate a Harry Potter Bathroom

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing magical about the bathroom. It’s one of the most overlooked and underloved places in everyone’s home, and for good reason; most of what we do in there is habitual hygiene stuff. It’s really no surprise that Moaning Myrtle, the most depressing ghost in the Wizarding World, would choose to mope in a dingy, dank bathroom. Even Hogwarts doesn’t have totally great loos!

But while we can’t all have a Prefect’s Bathroom caliber place to wash and take care of other bodily functions, everyone can have a Harry Potter bathroom right at home. In this post, I’m sharing some of the Harry Potter bathroom decor and items I’ve found that I think are most worthy of adding to your own version of the Prefect’s Bathroom.

Read on to discover the magically-themed shower curtains, towels, and other Harry Potter bathroom decor you need to create a bathroom worthy of the Wizarding World.

Featured photo courtesy of Colelligraphy via Etsy

Harry Potter Shower Curtains

First things first, shower curtains are arguably the most important item in your bathroom. That’s why you’ll need yours to have an HP theme when designing your Harry Potter bathroom. The ones listed below will ensure you have a magical shower or bath every day – and that people know immediately the theme of your bathroom design.

  • Fancy a little trip to the Wizarding World instead of taking a shower? Then this Platform 9¾ Shower Curtain is an excellent shop for you. The print quality is so great, you’ll feel like Harry going through the brick wall.
  • This Harry Potter shower curtain is for those who wish they could go shopping in Diagon Alley; it’s a printed version of a photo from Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World in Orlando!
  • Get this Marauders Map shower curtain to keep updated about what’s going on in Hogwarts while you shower…

And if you want to rep your Hogwarts house instead of a generic magical scene or design, there are Harry Potter shower curtains for that too!

  • Robe Factory has designed the most gorgeous shower curtain for the Gryffindors out there. Featuring the house’s emblem, this shower curtain would be a great addition to your Harry Potter bathroom.
  • Hufflepuffs, don’t despair! Robe Factory has also designed a shower curtain with the Badger emblem.
  • There’s also this shower curtain is for those belonging to the house founded by Rowena Ravenclaw.
  • Last – but certainly not least – this Slytherin shower curtain is so great we bet even Severus Snape would love to have it hanging in his bathroom, assuming he ever takes showers given all that greasy hair…
Harry Potter Bathroom - Shower Curtains

Harry Potter Towels & Towel Sets

Harry Potter Bathroom - Towels
Photo courtesy of LisasBounty on Etsy

After taking a magical shower, you don’t want a Muggle towel to dry you off. That’s why you have to check out these wizarding sets of towels! 

  • This set of Harry Potter towels are arguably the cutest addition to your Harry Potter bathroom. The towels are all handmade and feature embroidery of Hermione, Harry, and Ron.
  •  If you have little Muggles who need a reminder to wash their hands, this towel with “wash your hands you filthy muggle!” stitching is perfect!
  • In case you want your Harry Potter bathroom to have a more academic vibe, this set of Harry Potter hand towels is perfect. It comes in neutral colors and has the emblem of Hogwarts and its four houses.
  • Are you and your partner both Potterheads? If so, check out this Harry Potter-inspired set of his and hers towels. Her towel reads “she’s a catch” while his reads “he’s a keeper.”
  • Planning to spend some days at the beach? This Harry Potter beach towel is perfect if you are an HP fan. It has a very classy look and comes decorated with four stripes; green, blue, red, and yellow,  symbolizing Hogwarts houses.
  • This blue bath towel with the Hogwarts crest is so gorgeous you’ll want to hang it in your room as tapestry instead of on your bathroom hook.
  • Of course, this list of towels wouldn’t be complete without a Harry Potter Marauders Map shower towel. It is handprinted, which makes the map colors pop out.
  • If you are a proud Ravenclaw and want to show it, check this Harry Potter towel and washcloth with the house crest on it. (I couldn’t find the other houses, weirdly!)

Harry Potter Bathroom Decor

Harry Potter Bathroom - Towel Hooks
Photo courtesy of TheMetalDecorShop on Etsy

After you cover the basics like shower curtains and towels, your Harry Potter bathroom is all about the details. Luckily, there are a ton of decor pieces for your bathroom to have that Harry Potter vibe all over.

  • This toilet seat decal, which reads “Ministry of Magic This Way,” is perfect to make your wizarding friends laugh when they visit you – and totally confuse your Muggle ones.
  • Speaking of toilets, this Hogwarts toilet paper holder shows your true commitment to designing a complete Harry Potter bathroom experience.
  • Did you get Harry Potter hand towels? Well, this Harry Potter bathroom dish set, featuring a holder, tray, and dispenser is a great way to compliment them. (The imagery is Dumbledore, a Hogwarts letter, and Harry, in case you’re curious.)
  • Emblazened with unmistakable imagery and fonts from the Wizarding World, this handmade Always Wash Your Hands” soap dispenser pump is perfect to remind everyone about hygiene – magical and Muggle alike.
  • Every bathroom needs a little art! Arthur Weasley’s famous quote, “Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” is a perfect Potter-themed print for yours.
  • For another Harry Potter bathroom vibe entirely, consider making your own “Prefects Bathroom” with this sign. You’ll want to upgrade to marble and plush towels too!
  • If you got a bunch of Harry Potter-themed towels, then you’ll certainly need this Harry Potter hook to hang them to dry. It’s made of steel, and you can have it personalized.
  • It’s easy to over-use resources like water and energy in the barthoom, so consider the final finishing touch with this Lumos/Nox light switch plate to remind everyone to save some when they’re done.

Other Harry Potter Bathroom Accessories

Harry Potter Bathroom Accessories
Photo courtesy of MomBossFandom on Etsy

If you still have room for more items in your magical bathroom, consider adding one (or more) of these other Harry Potter bathroom accessories too.

  • This five-piece Harry Potter bathroom set is a larger option that includes several of the items already mentioned above; it’s a classic grey and black color scheme.
  • This tissue box designed as a stack of books isn’t strictly Harry Potter-themed – but is a smart way to add a subtle touch of the Hogwarts library in your bathroom.
  • For the neat Muggles out there, this Harry Potter toiletry bag set printed with Golden Snitches will help you have everything in the right place. (It also makes my list of the best Harry Potter travel accessories since it’s TSA approved.)
  • If “Alas! Earwax!” is one of your all-time favorite Harry Potter quotes, you’ll love this glass apothecary jar with a lid and the quote printed on it – it’s clearly perfect for ear swabs!
  • Since U-No-Poo is not the solution for a necessary human bodily function, consider instead investing in “Expecto Poo-tronum” spray to help keep your HP bathroom fresh.
  • No Gryffindor’s bathroom is complete without a rug that shows pride for their house. This bathroom rug and mat set comes in the fire red color that distinguishes this famous Hogwarts house.
  • If you’re not a Gryffindor but still want a set of rugs and mats, check out this one. The set comes with the Hogwarts crest in the middle and the crests of the four houses on each corner.

While most of our bathrooms will never compete with the posh style of the Hogwarts Prefect’s bathroom, now you can at least add a few touches to your own Harry Potter bathroom and make your entire home more magical.

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Are there any other Harry Potter bathroom decor ideas that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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