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How to Plan a Bewitching Harry Potter Baby Shower

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the new students of Hogwarts gave a rousing, discordant version of the school song, after which Dumbledore states: “Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here!” There are certainly some magics – even those from the Muggle world – that exceed the magic that Harry and his friends learn at school, and it’s safe to say that bringing new babies into the world is definitely one of them!

A new baby is almost always a reason to celebrate, and that typically means throwing some kind of baby shower. If you or a friend absolutely loves the Wizarding World, what better way to celebrate their forthcoming bundle of joy than with a Harry Potter baby shower?

In this post, you’ll discover all the necessary elements for a magical day that helps mom feel loved and a little more prepared for the tiny witch or wizard that’s about to apparate into their everyday life. From invitations to non-alcoholic drinks all attendees will love (and make sure mom doesn’t feel left out!) and even gifts that will make the newly born Chosen One feel special, this Harry Potter baby shower is the great way to kick off a new hero or heroine’s journey!

Invitations for a Magical Baby Shower

Harry Potter Baby Shower - Invitations

When organizing a Harry Potter baby shower, you might want to focus on the decoration you’ll use to furnish the room or the games you’ll be playing. However, there’s one detail before the actual baby shower takes place that will help you set the wizarding tone: invitations. 

Invitations are an excellent way to emphasize your Harry Potter-themed baby shower. You can have them custom-made, but I don’t think you’ll want to once you see these lovely alternatives:

  • Set #1 – Hedwig from Zazzle: It seems Hedwig delivers other kinds of mail besides Acceptance Letters. This lovely baby shower invitation features Hedwig, and an “A special delivery is on the way” inscription. It comes with an envelope, and you can choose among numerous colors and textures. 
  • Set #2 – Magical Objects from Zazzle: Some moms-to-be prefer to mix the HP- theme with a more traditional one, such as this Magical Objects invitation. It features illustrations of HP motifs in a child-book style. The illustrations also come in lovely pastel colors. 
  • Set #3 – Wizard Pack from Etsy: If you want to give the invitations your own twist, check this Editable Wizard Baby Shower Invitation Pack from Etsy. The seller sends you a template you can edit with your own images, fonts, and colors. 

Decorating for a Harry Potter-Themed Baby Shower

Now let’s jump into the juicy part of planning your Harry Potter baby shower. When it comes to themed events, décor is your number one ally. The little details will communicate the wizarding theme, from the guest book to the clothes you wear.

  • If not dressing up, mom can wear: Moms-to-be opting for a casual dress code can tailor their outfit to the HP theme. This Expecting Patronum t-shirt featuring little baby footprints and a dummy is adorable. The HP font style adds to the theme as well. 
  • Welcome Sign: A welcome sign is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your magical baby shower. This HP-inspired sign features HP symbols on top and a stunning drawing of Hogwarts castle at the bottom. Plus, the “Welcome to (baby’s name) baby shower” inscription in the middle. 
  • Banner: you can sort to DIY options with these gold-and-white banners and gold letters from Amazon. The banners are blank in the middle, so you can paste the alphabet letters on them and put together HP-inspired phrases, like “Welcome Baby Muggle” or “Accio Tiny Muggle” or a classic “Congratulations!”.
  • Books & Gifts Sign:This printable Books & Gifts sign will let your muggle guests know where to leave their presents and books as soon as they arrive. Its design is the same as the welcome sign. 
  • Late Night Diapers Sign:Hang this Late Night Diapers sign to show your guests where they’ll find the sharpies and diapers. 
  • Guest Book Sign: Guest book signing is a lovely tradition you will want to include in your Harry Potter baby shower. This guest book sign will remind your guests to write the sweet messages you’ll read later. 
  • Guest Book Idea: Instead of getting a regular guest book, you could purchase a Harry Potter book and have guests sign the inside covers. I found this stunning hard-covered Sorcerer’s Stone edition for you to use a sign book. It definitely is an innovative way to combine the mom’s love for HP and their newborn.

Fun Games for a Harry Potter Baby Shower

While the mom-to-be is the main focus of a baby shower, you want to throw in a little diversity and ensure your baby shower is dynamic. Here’s where games enter the picture. 

  • “Who knows mommy best?” is an excellent game to keep the mom in the spotlight while ensuring guests participate. Instead of selecting random questions about the mom, the host should relate them to the HP saga. For example, you could ask “what’s mommy’s favorite HP book?” or “what Hogwarts house does mommy belong to?”
  • “Harry Potter Emoji Pictionary” has become popular these years. It’s a lot more challenging than it seems, so it will keep your guests busy and laughing trying to guess the phrases. There are lots of HP-themed templates you can use since coming up with the “emoji sentence” is quite difficult. It should look something like this  . This sentence is a (despicable) character. Can you guess who?
  • “Baby Name Race” game is another alternative you can adapt to a HP-themed baby shower. Instead of guests listing random names, try to make them write down names from the HP saga.
  • “Baby Shower Gift-Bingo” is another cool and interactive game as guests can play it while the mom-to-be opens gifts. Since you’ve organized an HP-themed bay shower, guests will have received a magical gift list in advance. Ask them to fill in the boxes with the ones they think the mom will receive. For example, a Marauders Onesie or Dobby bibs. 
  • Last but not least, you can get a box of Bertie’s Every Flavor Beans and a jar and have people guess the amount. Those who don’t get the number right can be dared to take a bean out of the jar, guess the flavor, and then eat it. Plus, they make excellent HP-themed snacks!

Harry Potter Baby Shower Treats & Drinks

The Harry Potter universe has provided us with delicious recipes you should include in your baby shower. Here’s a magical selection of my favorite Harry Potter recipes:

  • Pumpkin pasties are the perfect treat to delight your guests. Their savory taste will stably transport them to the Hogwarts Express.
  • Treacle tart is an iconic HP recipe– it makes sense as it’s Harry’s favorite dessert. This sweet treat is perfect for serving at a baby shower, and it will enhance the HP vibes.
  • Rumor has it that the Sticky Toffee Pudding is on the menu at the Leaky Cauldron. Whether that is true or not, you will want to serve this delicious dessert at your baby shower. 
  • Did you say edible Golden Snitches? All you need are Ferrero Rocher bonbons and add golden snitch-wings on top.
  • You can also make Deviled Dragon Eggs. They’re like traditional Muggle deviled eggs, but with a few extra steps before peeling that make them truly magical to behold (but the same great taste!).

You’ll also need some magical drinks to accompany those delicious treats. I know that alcoholic Muggle drinks (like Mimosas) are supper common at baby showers, but I’ve always felt like that was a bummer to the expectant mom who can’t enjoy them. So instead, here are some of my favorite potions that have no booze.

  • I mean, you can’t have a Harry Potter baby shower without serving Butterbeer!
  • In the wizarding world, the Polyjuice potion is everything but delicious. However, the muggle’s recipe is exquisite –probably because it doesn’t include toenails or hair as ingredients!
  • Wizards always drink Pumpkin Juice on special occasions. The good news is that this delicious potion is super easy to make.
  • If you want to get off the beaten path, you could serve Fishy Green Ale at your baby shower. This unusual recipe will certainly surprise your muggle friends.

And if you really want to have a boozy option, consider adding champagne to the Pumpkin Juice to make a “Wingardium Levi-mimosa!” (I just made that up!)

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for the Mum & Baby

A mom who’s also a Potterhead will want to introduce their little muggle into the Wizarding World as soon as they’re born. Here are some adorable Harry Potter gifts to help the mom pass on their HP love to the next generation. 

  • Cozy Blanket – Cuddling and snuggling with their baby is already a magical experience for a new mom, but it will be even more under a magical blanket. Get the mom-to-be this lovely Harry Potter Heirloom blanket to keep mom and their little muggle cozy and warm.   
  • Swaddling Set – All parents swaddle their babies during their first months of life, so a swaddling bundle is an excellent gift to add to the list. Pottery Barn has this lovely Swaddling set, featuring three stunning blankets with prints inspired by the Wizarding World. 
  • Baby Bibs – These Harry Potter bibs are adorable! The bundle includes three bibs: one with the “Seeker in Training” inscription, and the other two have cute baby versions of Harry Potter characters. I mean, just look at how adorable baby Dobby is!
  • Onesie & Bib Set – This onesie and baby bib are too cute to resist! The onesie features a “My other stroller is a Nimbus 2000” phrase at the front, and the bib says, “This foolish no-maj put my cloak of invisibility on backwards.”
  • Chosen Onesie – All moms know that there isn’t such a thing as too many onesies. Make sure you also get this cute Harry Potter-themed onesie that references Professor Trelawney’s prophecy with the “The Chosen One” printed on the front. 
  • Marauders Onesie – Of course, every little muggle coming into the world should have an “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” onesie in their magical wardrobe. This onesie on Etsy comes in gray and white and in many sizes in case you want to get a few larger ones for the future.

Have any other questions about planning a Harry Potter baby shower – for you or someone else? Let me know in the comments!

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