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The 8 Best Harry Potter Afternoon Teas

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    Despite taking place exclusively in Britain, Harry Potter and his friends rarely have tea. Maybe they’re busy in class during afternoon tea times, or it’s the kind of thing only anglophiles really do. In any event, Harry Potter fans can certainly enjoy afternoon tea with a magical twist. There are a number of great Harry Potter afternoon teas across the U.K. to choose from.

    Don’t worry though – it’s not at all Dolores Umbridge-y; these Harry Potter afternoon teas lack pink doilies and cat plates on walls. Instead, you’ll get the chance to try your hand a potion-making, savor magically delicious snacks, and escape the Muggle world for these quintessentially British tea experiences.

    This post was originally published in April 2020, and was updated in October 2020 and July 2021.

    1. Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge

    The Potion Room at bakery Cutter & Squidge is arguably the Desirable No. 1 Harry Potter afternoon tea in the whole of London. Since they launched their afternoon tea and potions class, it quickly became ultra-popular and regularly sells out even years later.

    During the course of the tea, you’ll mix a few potions, enjoy a pot of magically-themed tea, and feel like you’ve eaten out the whole of Honeydukes sweets with all the treats on the menu!

    (Most of the rest of the photos in this post were taken when I did the Cutter & Squidge tea with my friend – so you can get a real sense for how magical this tea is!)

    Click here to learn more about The Potion Room and book your tea.

    2. Private Afternoon Tea at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour

    I’ve been to the Harry Potter studio tour twice and I never knew that afternoon tea was an option until after my last trip!

    It turns out that on occasion, the team at The Making of Harry Potter studio tour offers private events, including a magically sparkling afternoon tea option. You can book this as a small group and enjoy your tea in a private room as part of your visit to the rest of the studio tour. It’s a good chance to rest your legs, refuel, and escape the crowds in the Backlot Cafe.

    Click here to inquire about private events at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

    3. Wizard Afternoon Tea at the Georgian House Hotel

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you already know The Georgian House Hotel for their Wizarding Chambers accommodation – it’s on my Harry Potter bucket list, after all! Over time, they’ve also added other wizarding experiences to their offering, including a delicious wizarding afternoon tea.

    This Harry Potter-themed afternoon tea includes a three-course tea and the option for a special magical cocktail or standard bubbly champagne.

    Click here to learn more about the wizarding experiences at the Georgian House Hotel.

    4. Wizarding Afternoon Tea at Happily Ever Afters

    Harry Potter Afternoon Tea - Cutter & Squidge

    Planning a trip to see Dedalus Diggle down in Kent? Be sure to leave time for the wizarding afternoon tea offered by Happily Ever Afters. This tea shop offers magical experiences in a number of ways (princess parties, delectable treats in their tearoom) in addition to this Harry Potter-esque afternoon tea.

    During the tea experience, you’ll mix potions, be sorted into a Hogwarts house, and even enjoy some butterbeer in addition to your tea! Be sure to check the calendar though, as the wizarding afternoon tea takes place on set days.

    Click here to check the calendar for wizarding afternoon tea times at Happily Ever Afters.

    5. Wizards Afternoon Tea at Cardamon Tea Lounge

    Harry Potter Afternoon Tea - Cutter & Squidge

    It’s a little tricky to know what the standard wizards afternoon tea is at Cardamon tea lounge since their menu has changed for ‘take-away’ tea options right now – but this Colchester tea shop is still trying to provide magical tea experiences even though you can’t sit in their tea room to enjoy them!

    Currently, their takeaway option features an ‘Elixir of Truth’ drink, soup and savories, and sweets to combat any ill effects you might feel from the tea-potion. It all undoubtedly tastes better than a bezoar!

    Click here to browse the themed tea menus at Cardamon Tea Lounge.

    6. The School of Magic Afternoon Tea at The Assembly House

    Harry Potter Afternoon Tea 1

    You might need to use Muggle transport to reach The Assembly House in Norfolk for their School of Magic afternoon tea, but it’s worth it. At this hotel, they do a number of themed teas each year and all are of NEWT-level quality.

    During The School of Magic, you’ll enjoy themed cakes, scones, and sandwiches that are all magically delicious and will leave you wishing you could conjure up more.

    Click here to see the themed afternoon tea options at The Assembly House.

    7. Wizarding Afternoon Tea at The Cauldron

    Harry Potter in Edinburgh - The Cauldron Magical Tea
    Photo courtesy of The Cauldron

    Do you want to make someone fall in love with you? Or do you need a little help to boost your memory skills? The Cauldron is one of the best Harry Potter locations in Edinburgh, and they offer a wizarding afternoon tea.

    This magical experience offers a full spread of treats and a lesson in tea brewing (its own kind of muggle potion-making) along with spell-casting lessons and tons of options like bubbly, molecular cocktails, and a drink you summon from the mouth of a magical creature with your wand. It seriously sounds so cool and is well worth the trip to Edinburgh (especially as there are some other awesome Harry Potter sites too).

    Click here to see the Wizarding Afternoon Tea at The Cauldron.

    8. Harry Potter Afternoon Tea at Hempstead House

    Hempstead House Hotel Harry Potter Afternoon Tea

    In late 2020, I learned about a Harry Potter afternoon tea that ran for a limited time. It was offered at Hempstead House Hotel, also in Kent.

    The tea included a full afternoon tea spread for adults, and children attending can enjoy “The Philosophers Scone,” a Golden Snitch Cup Cake Pop, a Sorting Hat Biscuit, and Butterbeer. While I’m not sure they’ll offer it again this year, I decided to leave it as the last one on my list since it might. Keep an eye on the Hempstead House Hotel events page to see if it’s happening soon.

    Do you know of other magical or Harry Potter afternoon teas I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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