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50+ Gifts Daring Gryffindors Will Love [Gryffindor Gift Guide]

Every Hogwarts house is special – but one always seems to be the best. And as a Slytherin who was quite used to winning the House Cup, I can’t deny I envy the Gryffindors just a little. They seem to have it all! In the event there’s a Gryffindor in your life with a special occasion coming up, and they don’t have it all, this Gryffindor gift guide will help.

I may prefer my green and silver, but I can’t deny that some of these objects are totally cool – and bursting with Gryffindor pride. From house goods to clothes and jewelry to an assortment of other lion-adorned products, you’re sure to find plenty of items here your favorite Gryffindor will love.

Read on for my Gryffindor gift guide… It’s written by a Slytherin but with as much creativity as possible to make the Gryffindors happy!

Note: This post is out-of-date, and many of the items I originally selected are no longer available. I have marked them with a ❌ but you can still check the links that interest you in case they have come back in stock. If you’re looking for an updated Gryffindor Gift Guide, click here.

Goods for Your Own Gryffindor Common Room

Gryffindor Gift Guide - Home Goods

Even if you don’t have a portrait of the Fat Lady at your entrance or a winding spiral staircase to your bedroom, that’s no reason your home can’t be a Hogwarts-worthy castle – and your house should therefore represent Gryffindor to the fullest! I found some amazing home – or should I say “house” – goods that any Gryffindor will love.

Here are the ones pictured above, with the numbers matching:

  1. It’s no Goblet of Fire, but this Gryffindor goblet is pretty fantastic. It’s perfect for toasting when you win the House Cup (again!).
  2. In between adventures and saving the world, every Gryffindor knows how important it is to stay hydrated. This colorful Gryffindor tumbler will do the trick.
  3. While tapestries adorn the walls of the original Gryffindor common room, this Gryffindor crest tapestry is one you can curl up in, in your own favorite squashy armchair near the fire.
  4. Wait, you don’t have a fire? That’s okay – this cool Gryffindor insignia candle will add a little bit of the mood.
  5. Is there a better choice for drinking hot butterbeer on a cold morning than this Gryffindor crest mug ❌? (The answer is no!)
  6. I haven’t seen these for the other houses, but these Gryffindor towels are so freaking cool. They’ll make your toilet way cooler than Moaning Myrtle‘s!
  7. I originally found a gorgeous Gryffindor dinner set (it now seems to be sold out), so instead, you should feast off of these beautiful Gryffindor plates .
  8. Here’s another cool Gryffindor candle, in case you want one in fiery red.

Need even more ideas?

I also found some other great Gryffindor home goods too. Let me set the scene to explain why they’re great.

After a day of daring adventures, you’re curled up at home under a Gryffindor fleece blanket , with this square Gryffindor pillow and this cool patterned rectangular pillow on either side of you on the couch. A House of Lions candle ❌ is burning, filling the air with a scent of fire, wood, white flowers, and orange peel. As you sip your favorite drink from a stainless steel Gryffindor cup , you admire the House crest artwork ❌ on your wall.

Sound perfect? Every Gryffindor will love these gifts too!

Books Worthy of the Hogwarts Library

Gryffindor Gift Guide - Books

Maybe Hermione should have been in Ravenclaw, with a brain like that… But her courage was instrumental in helping the gang out of more tough spots than I can count. (If we give her a pass for that Devil’s Snare episode early on.) I can just imagine that her home library would include books just like these, which makes them perfect for this Gryffindor gift guide!

  1. These Gryffindor book sleeves (not the books themselves) will give one of your many HP sets a much-needed gold and scarlet refresh.
  2. While it’s not strictly a book, this lion-topped Gryffindor pen is perfect for…
  3. …Taking class notes, organizing study schedules, or just jotting down your thoughts in this Gryffindor journal !
  4. I also discovered this cool guided journal, which will help you tap even more into your inner strengths as a Gryffindor.
  5. There’s also a series of Gryffindor-edition Harry Potter books that are the ultimate gift for any HP fan. The full set hasn’t been released yet, but you can get:

…and the remainder of the series should be available soon!

Clothes to Build a Gryffindor Wardrobe

Gryffindor Gift Guide - Clothes

Are you really a Gryffindor if your wardrobe has no scarlet and gold attire in it? Don’t worry – you can ensure every Gryffindor you know is covered from head to toe. Of course, they need official Gryffindor robes ‘for everyday use’ – but here are some other cool Gryffindor attire options I found:

  1. After stepping out of the prefect’s bath, this Gryffindor bathrobe will help anyone relax.
  2. If you loved Lavender’s style in Half-Blood Prince, this Gryffindor headband will do the trick.
  3. This Gryffindor crest hoodie is a great addition to any wardrobe. It’s perfect for laying up on the weekends before heading out to a Quidditch match.
  4. A Gryffindor scarf is essential – such that it’s part of the official Hogwarts wardrobe. ‘Nuff said. (Note it’s not on the Hogwarts supply list though, so the school must supply it once you’re sorted!)
  5. I suppose your wardrobe also isn’t complete without your house tie, either, right? Here’s the official Gryffindor tie to get.
  6. The most stylish Gryffindors are rocking K-Swiss kicks (you just know Dean Thomas would be all about them!). They are available for men and women (no longer available!).

This list just barely scratches the surface of cool Gryffindor attire though. I also found:

Gryffindor Jewelry Worth the Galleons

Gryffindor Gift Guide - Jewelry

Since the primary colors for Gryffindor are scarlet and gold, is it any surprise that there are some beautiful jewelry options available for Gryffindors too? Here are some of the pieces I found that make a perfect gift for Gryffindors on a special occasion.

  1. Gryffindor’s sword is pivotal to the entire arc of the Harry Potter series –wear it close to your heart with this beautiful Alex & Ani necklace .
  2. You could wear a wristwatch – or you could boldly choose a pocket watch! This one with the Gryffindor crest is totally badass.
  3. If you’re headed to a post-Quidditch match celebration in the common room, these Gryffindor party bracelets are a perfect accessory to add.
  4. For occasions where dress robes are required, these gorgeous Gryffindor cufflinks will work perfectly.
  5. Need a classy and subtle gift for the Gryffindor you love? This Gryffindor watch set is perfect – with changeable bands in scarlet and gold, of course!

If you want a different watch option, I also found a beautiful Gryffindor Crest watch (no longer available!).

Other Goodies & Gifts Gryffindors Will Love

Gryffindor Gift Guide - Other Gifts

After all of the items I’ve mentioned in this Gryffindor gift guide so far, you might wonder what’s left. But trust me: there are so many cool gifts for Gryffindors out there – probably because it’s the most popular house! Here are some of the other cool Gryffindor gift ideas I found.

  1. If you need a book bag that won’t split when a harp-carrying dwarf who wants to sing you a valentine grabs it… well, this Gryffindor book bag is the one!
  2. Don’t let your muggle tech slip from your hand – this Gryffindor PopSocket will help.
  3. Fashionable Gryffindor gals will love this designer Gryffindor handbag – you just know Pavarti and Padma have matching ones for each of their houses. (Pavarti in Gryffindor colors, Padma in Ravenclaw – obviously!)
  4. If your wand won’t open a door, grab your keys on this Gryffindor keyring – it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift.
  5. Help any Gryffindor display their house pride with this cool crest patch – easily affixed to just about anything (without a permanent sticking charm!).
  6. Decorate your desk with this cool Gryffindor griffin and sword letter opener – it will look great even if you never receive letters (including one from Hogwarts! 😭)
  7. Gryffindors may be a little reckless, but not financially! Help them keep their muggle money and galleons safe with this Gryffindor wallet.
  8. If – after #6 above – you’ve decided to try sending some letters so that others will reply, seal them with this Gryffindor wax seal kit and everyone will be incapable of not responding!
  9. There are a lot of cool phone cases out there, but this one takes the House Cup: it’s in Gryffindor colors and has the iconic house crest on it.

Need even more ideas?

In case you’ve made it this far and still haven’t found the perfect Gryffindor gift, what about this Gryffindor crest cross-stitch pattern (must be done by hand!) or this Gryffindor scarf camera strap (for the Colin Creeveys in your life!)?

There you have it – a Gryffindor gift guide with over 50 options to choose from! Which of these gifts is perfect for the Gryffindor you love? Let me know in the comments!

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