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Fleur Delacour Costume: How to Make Your Own at Home

Ready to create some enchanting magic with your next costume? Say ‘Alohomora’ to your creativity and let’s conjure up a Fleur Delacour costume that’s fit for the halls of Beauxbatons Academy and the Yule Ball itself.

In the wizarding world, Fleur Delacour stands as an elegant beacon of bravery and beauty. As a Triwizard Champion and a brave member of the Order of Phoenix, she’s a natural choice for Potterheads looking for a dash of French elegance mixed with magical charm.

Fleur Delacour Costume Hero
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Whether you’re preparing for a cosplay event, a themed party, or just having some whimsical fun at home, this guide will help you ‘wand’er down the path to perfecting your Fleur Delacour attire. So, grab your wand, and let’s say ‘Accio Fleur costume!’ together. We promise, by the end of this, you’ll look so enchanting, even Madam Maxime would be proud!

Fleur Delacour Costume Item List

Fleur Delacour Costume 1

Like in all my costume posts, I like to start with the items you need to put together an authentic Fleur Delacour costume and put together one that will have everyone looking twice to know if it’s you or the very Fleur. Here’s the list:

Fleur Delacour Costume: Clothes

Let’s start with the foundation of your Fleur Delacour Costume. The French witch wears a classy blue satin dress from the Beaxbaton School Uniform. 

This dress from Amazon is perfect! It even has a similar cut. Next, you need the tights. If you already have black tights, feel free to wear those. But, if you don’t I found these ones from Amazon that are both comforting and flattering.

Fleur Delacour Costume: Accessories

Next up, the accessories. Most Harry Potter characters always have something distinctive and memorable about themselves when it comes to their outfits. 

The details in Fleur’s case are the hat, cape, and shoes. The Beauxbatons’ hat shape is unmistakable. This replica in powder blue from Amazon is actually really close to the movie prop, which is pretty impressive considering how distinctive the style is. Don’t forget about the uniform’s iconic cape too; here’s one you can purchase on Amazon.

Finally, you need the right shoes. These Retro Mary Jane Oxford pumps are fantastic and will add an extra touch to your Fleur Delacour costume; they aren’t exactly the same as the ones in the movies, but they’re close and match the color of the rest of the costume well.

Fleur Delacour Costume: Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches, don’t forget about the wand and wig. You can use any wand you have, but, if you don’t have one already, purchase Fleur’s wand replica from The Noble Collection. 

Last but not least, the hair. Fleur typically wears her hair blond hair in a ponytail. This blond, slightly curled wig from Amazon will do a great job to build the whole look; all you need is a ponytail holder to secure the final look.

Pre-Made Fleur Delacour Costumes

Fleur Delacour Costume 2

Not everyone has the time to put together a costume; maybe you put it off too late and Halloween is just a few days away (this is the time when most people are making Harry Potter costumes, though some people also make them for ‘cons (conventions) too!). If that’s you, you can always resort to pre-made costumes. 

I’ve found two alternatives. This one for adults, which looks fantastic by the way; and I absolutely love that there’s also a plus-size Fleur Delacour costume available. Both come with all the items mentioned in the list (except the shoes and wand) and look very authentic.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any pre-made children’s Fleur Delacour costumes out there – if you find one, please let me know!

Have any questions about how to make your own Professor McGonagall costume? Let me know in the comments below.

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