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How to Make Fishy Green Ale
(Recipe from the Wizarding World)

As we well know from following the adventures of our favorite boy wizard, sometimes living in the magical world means being brave and trying new things. And that includes unusual flavors – just remember how Harry had some of his first tastes of the Wizarding World while trying candies and sweets with Ron aboard the Hogwarts Express!

While it might sound scary – or just weird – Fishy Green Ale is actually one of the most popular magical drinks from the Wizarding World. It’s also pretty easy to make, once you assemble all the right potions ingredients at home (which will likely require ordering a few online in advance). In fact, there are very few chances to have a cauldron-melting disaster when making this drink, and I promise I’m a nicer teacher than Snape in pointing out those particular areas of my Fishy Green Ale recipe.

Are you ready to learn how to make a drink that smells, tastes, looks, and even feels different than any other drink in the Wizarding World? Read on for the best Fishy Green Ale recipe out there, and a little bit of backstory about the drink too.

Fishy Green Ale in the Wizarding World

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, you’re probably thinking – wait, I’ve never heard of Fishy Green Ale! It’s definitely not in the Harry Potter books… or movies!

Ya know what? You’re right. Fishy Green Ale is not in the books or movies, but it is in the Wizarding World.

According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Fishy Green Ale in the (fictional) Wizarding World is an unusual drink that includes fish eggs as one of the main ingredients, and is available at the Leaky Cauldron, the Fountain of Fair Fortune, and the The Hopping Pot, all in Diagon Alley, London.

For us Muggles, we can trace the origins of Fishy Green Ale to the Diagon Alley expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. It was released there and became a crowd favorite despite its unusual (muggle) ingredients; it was later added to the Hogsmeade sections of the Wizarding World in both Hollywood and Osaka.

Be warned though – my Fishy Green Ale recipe doesn’t include fish eggs, but it does have a unique combination of flavors that aren’t appealing to everyone! Some have called it the “most adventurous drink” available in the Wizarding World (source) but don’t worry – you don’t need to be a Gryffindor to give it a try.

How to Make Fishy Green Ale

If you’re feeling brave – no matter your House – here’s how to make Fishy Green Ale at home. I’ve also included a simple recipe card further down this page if you want to scroll to that.

Start by collecting the ingredients you need. Some are not available in most stores, so you may need to buy them online (like I did); I’ve added links for those items below:

You’ll also need fat boba straws, to drink the whole magical potion.

To actually make Fishy Green Ale, start by cutting up the honeydew melon into cubes, like you might normally prepare melon. Add about 1 cup of melon to a blender, and blend until smooth; you shouldn’t need any extra liquid, but if you do, you can add the heavy whipping cream at this stage instead of later.

Once blended, pause and add the cinnamon oil, peppermint flavor, and food coloring. I did about 2 drops of blue and 3 drops of green and it turned very bright, so you don’t need much food coloring should you choose to add it!

Now get your glass; I recommend a pint glass if you’re making this potion for one, or highball glasses if you’re sharing with a friend. Scoop your blueberry popping boba into the bottom of the glass; be careful in this stage as the boba is very fragile and will pop easily! Then pour in your lemon-lime soda. I’ve made it with both Sprite and 7Up; it tastes the same either way. Next add the heavy whipping cream (if you haven’t already), and finally pour in the mixture from your blender. The potion will froth and bubble, so pour slowly to avoid making a Neville-caliber mess in your kitchen.

Then take your boba straw and gently stir the concoction together; be careful to do this gently too so you don’t pop all your boba! Once mixed, take a sip – you’ll get the unique combination of flavors and textures, plus a few “fish eggs” (boba) through the straw. Oddly refreshing, isn’t it?

Fishy Green Ale Recipe

As promised, here’s a recipe card that spells out each step of my Fishy Green Ale recipe, er, potion for you.

Fishy Green Ale

Fishy Green Ale Pin
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • ¼ Honeydew melon
  • ½ C of Lemon-Lime Soda
  • 2 Tsp Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 5 Drops of Peppermint Flavor
  • 5 Drops of Cinnamon-Flavored Hard Candy Oil
  • 2 Tsp Blueberry Popping Boba
  • Blue and Green Food Coloring (optional)


  1. Begin by cutting and blending the Honeydew Melon
  2. Add the Peppermint Flavor, Cinnamon oil, and food coloring (optional), and briefly blend again
  3. In a glass, add the Blueberry boba and top with Lemon-Lime Soda and Heavy Whipping Cream
  4. Pour the blended mixture into your glass
  5. Add a fat boba straw and stir the drink together, then enjoy!

If you have any questions about making this curious concoction, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, let me know what you think of your own Fishy Green Ale recipe – did you like it?

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