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14 Deviously Delightful Draco Malfoy Scented Candles

In Harry Potter’s life, there are a number of “bad guys” and villains – there’s his cousin Dudley first, then Professor Snape, and later the biggest baddie of all, He Who Must Not Be Named. There’s also another character in there, who walks the line between good and bad, making us as readers ponder questions like nature versus nurture and if people can truly change or save themselves.

That character is, of course, Draco Malfoy – Harry’s Hogwarts archenemy, budding Death Eater, and product of a really bad childhood environment with parents who (while they certainly loved him) had many of their other priorities completely wrong.

Draco is one of the most fascinating characters in the Wizarding World, in part because he serves as the perfect foil for Harry. We seek to understand him throughout the series; some of us decide he’s evil, while others have a soft spot for him, thinking he may be redeemed.

If you fall into the latter camp (as I do), you might be more inclined to own things that remind you of your favorite Slytherin… Say, for example, Draco Malfoy scented candles! You’re in luck: I’ve pulled together a list of them. So whether you’re curious about that one candle that went viral on TikTok or want the one that “Smells Like Draco” (or “Smells Like Tom Felton”), read on. Each one of these Draco Malfoy-scented candles is sure to keep that warm spot in your heart for this polarizing character.

Feature image courtesy of CandECraftCo on Etsy

Draco Malfoy by Fantasy Flames Shop

FantasyFlamesShop has a fantastic candle line that captures the scent of Harry Potter characters. They offer one of my favorite Draco Malfoy scented candles. It comes in a cute jar with a stunning green label. The scent is a delicate combination of dark mahogany, expensive cologne, and manly musk. 

The highlight of this candle is how it pulls together all the scents. Once you light it up, it manages to give each scent a certain protagonism. I love the woodsy notes that it leaves in the room, making you feel like you’re in Slytherin’s common room. 

Drace Malfoy Scented Candles - Draco Malfoy Scented candle
Minimalist Dark Wizard Candle by FantasyFlamesShop on Etsy

Smells Like Draco by C&E Craft

The Smells Like Draco candle is a perfect representation of him! It’s like they found Draco’s clothing, extracted his scent, and condensed it in a candle. I’m not surprised, though, as C & E Craft Co always gets HP scents right. 

This lovely candle has a scent that resembles a fresh and slightly sweet masculine cologne. The primary aroma is rich red mahogany woods. You can also spot the apple, which throws those exquisite juicy notes into the air, plus pink peppercorn and fresh lavender sprigs. It also has an excellent throw, permeating every nook of the house with a woodsy and rustic aroma. Moreover, it is a gorgeous tiny jar with a fashionable label in black and white. Perfect for your bathroom or desk.

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Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Smells like draco
Smells like Draco Candle by CandECraftCo on Etsy

Smells like Draco (Also) by Moncioni Fragrance Lab

It turns out there are two Draco Malfoy Scented Candles. While it is similar to the previous one, this Smells like Draco comes in an amber jar which I really like. The candle is small, but the fragrance is very powerful for its size! 

The candle’s aesthetic is beautiful. The label has this elegant “high-end” look, and it looks gorgeous as a piece of décor. While we all know Mahogany Apple is Draco’s official scent, you can browse their manly scents and choose one that suits your taste. 

Drace Malfoy Scented Candles - Smells Like Draco Also
Smells like Draco Scented Candle by MoncioniFragranceLab on Etsy

Dating Draco by Cosmos Dream

I must admit that of all the candles that smell like Malfoy, the Dating Draco candle is something different and unique when it comes to aesthetics. First, the lid is fantastic, with a Slytherin dragon in copper on top. Also, the seller abandons the minimalistic approach and goes for a tin jar with a sparkly band on the brim. The candle comes in two sizes, and the largest one comes with two wicks. 

I believe it evokes the scent of a more mature Draco as the notes are a blend of luxurious sandalwood and cracked black peppercorn with refreshing hints of citrus fruit and grounding scents of musk and warm wood.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candle - Dating Draco
Dating Draco Scented Candle by CosmosDream on Etsy

Daddy Issues by Magic & Matches

Draco’s relationship with his father, Lucius, wasn’t exactly a simple one. So, it makes total sense to have a candle named Daddy Issues for the Slytherin wizard when you think about it. I think this candle captures Draco’s darker side, at least in terms of aesthetics.

 It comes in a black tin jar, boasting a more somber Death-Eaters look. I also love the contrast between grass green wax and the dark tin. It makes the wax stand out! The smell is delicious, with french pear as the primary scent, like spicy cologne. It’s smaller than other candles on the list but comes at a fair price.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues Scented Candle by MagicandMatches on Etsy

Other Draco Malfoy-Scented Candles 

I initially wanted to focus on listing all the Draco Malfoy Scented Candles. However, I decided to add a few ones that, while they don’t exactly smell like Draco, they definitely fit his personality or have some sort of connection with his world.

Dark Wizard Draco by Fantasy Flames Shop

The Dark Wizard candle doesn’t differ much in its aromatic profile. As soon as you open the candle, you’re hanging out with Draco in the Slytherin common room. 

The scent notes say it includes dark mahogany, expensive cologne, and manly musk. I feel they’ve balanced each note carefully, so the scent isn’t overbearing. You can smell the perfect level of musk while also perceiving some sweetness. The candle comes in a lovely green pouch in case you want to give it to someone. 

Draco Malfoy Scented Candle - Dark Wizard
Dark Wizard Scented Candle by FantasyFlamesShop on Etsy

Knockturn by Sky Apothecary

Malfoy used to frequent Knockturn in Diagon Alley – we all remember when he entered Borgin to reserve the Vanishing Cabinet that would smuggle Death Eaters into Hogwarts. 

I think Sky Apothecary has done a fantastic job capturing the essence of the dark arts in this candle. It comes in a black tin jar with a gorgeous label depicting a skull. The scent is delightful, a blend of bold notes of leather and smoke with underlying notes of Amyris, musk, and moss that complement the smokiness of this intensely earthy fragrance.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Knockturn
Knockturn Scented Candle by SkyApothecary on Etsy

Mahogany Apple from Bath & Body Works

You might remember the TikTok trend that claimed Bath & Body Works Mahogany Apple Candle smelled like Draco. In fact, that’s where the craze about Harry Potter candles started. Well, you can get it on Amazon. 

The candle features potent fragrance notes of Red Mahogany Woods, Golden Delicious Apple, Pink Peppercorn, Fresh Lavender Sprigs. It comes in a lovely green jar with a leaf on the label. It’s pretty delicate and would look great in your bathroom. 

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Bath and Body Works

Potions Class by Scently Delightful

Scently Delightful draws inspiration from Potions Class to concoct this exquisite candle. Its aromatic profile is quite subtle and includes rich notes of golden sweet amber, warm musk, and mild smokiness. Scents that definitely go with the potions class title! 

It comes in a tiny jar, and the top has shimmering glitter. The label design is gorgeous and will transport you into the mystics and magic of spell casting!

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Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Potions class
Potions Class Scented Candle by ScentlyDelightful on Etsy

Pure Blood Candle by Enchanted by K

We know Draco and his family had a rooted pure-blood prejudice since the saga’s beginning. Enchanted by K has made a candle on Etsy that encapsulates what scent pure-bloods emanate. 

Apparently, they smell like pine, teakwood, and apple. This combination makes me think that this is what the Malfoy Manor would smell like, too. The amber jar adds an extra wizarding vibe, and the wax has glitter in it, which looks beautiful when burning.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candle - Pureblood
Pureblood Scented Candle by EnchantedbyK on Etsy

Potions Class by Cardigan Studio PDX

Cardigan Studio PDX has its own take on what a Potions Class would smell like. Their Potions Class candle features rich earth notes of vetiver and patchouli, blended with hints of dark amber and exotic guaiac wood, creating a spellbinding fragrance that will twitch the mind and ensnare the senses. Don’t let the candle’s tiny size fool you! It’s strong enough to make your living room smell great without overpowering.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Potions Class 2
Potions Class Scented Candle by CardiganStudioPDX

Potions Class by Witchy Wicks Candle Co.

I’ve included this Witchy Wicks Candle Co. candle for yet another Potions Class alternative. It has a potent, heady blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes with cedarwood, orange, clove, and patchouli essential oils. It fills the room with a sweet and sensuous scent. Given its aromatic profile, I think this candle is perfect for a rainy day inside. Also, it looks super cute and cozy! 

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - POtions class 3
Potions Class Scented Candle by WitchyWicksCandleCo on Etsy

Smells Like Tom Felton by C&E Craft Co

Well, this one goes a bit further. The candle doesn’t smell like Draco Malfoy, but like the actor who brings the character to life, Tom Felton.

The candle features a blend of mahogany and teakwood intertwined with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium. Cedarwood and oak wood tonalities blend to enhance and complete this fragrant blend. Despite its intense bouquet, the candle has the perfect amount of scent intensity and isn’t overbearing. 

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - Smells Like tom felton
Smells Like Tom Felton by CandECraftCo on Etsy

The Cunning One by Hazel Eye Relaxation

Hazel Eye Relaxation has made this candle to evoke all Slytherins, known for being cunning and ambitious. The Cunning One candle is part of the You’re a Wizard Collection and has a powerful sweet mixture, including dark lavender, musk, and vetiver notes. It will bring you home to the Slytherin Common Room in a second. 

When lit, the wax smells warm, a bit sensual and cozy, and perfect for cold weather. You can smell the warm amber, and the oakmoss gives it a masculine cologne kind of feel. The throw is excellent and fills up a room all day and night.

Draco Malfoy Scented Candles - The Cunning One
The Cunning One Scented Candle by HazelEyeRelaxation on Etsy

Which of these Draco Malfoy scented candles will you be adding to your collection? Don’t miss that I also have a list of Harry Potter scented candles too, if you’re okay “holding a candle” for both (pun intended!)

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