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Since I started this site almost a year ago, one of the most fun parts has been recreating and inventing magical potions and recipes to share. From butterbeer to treacle tart (Harry’s favorite) to the Draught of Peace – there are so many delicious ways to experience the Wizarding World at home.

This potion was inspired by a number of searches and requests I’ve received here on my site. Every month, people want to know how to make a Beautification Potion; I wasn’t initially familiar with this one since it isn’t in the book. However, the Beautification Potion features a lot in some other parts of the Wizarding world (video games), and I thought it might be fun to originally try to make my own.

If you’re looking for how to make the Beautification potion in the various Harry Potter games, you can find that info here. You can also find an adult version of the Beautification potion to make at home too. Read on for my Beautification potion recipe and all of the info you want to know about this potion.

Beautification Potion in the Wizarding World

The Beautification Potion is actually not mentioned in the Harry Potter book series; it first makes its appearance in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban video game. After that, it shows up in several other places, including the Order of the Phoenix video game, on Pottermore, and in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

In short, the Beautification potion of the Wizarding World is intended to make the drinker more attractive:

As even my own mother used to refer to me as ‘Fungus-face’, it became clear that my Beautification Potion had been a success.

Zygmunt Budge, Book of Potions, Wonderbook: Book of Potions

According to ‘historic magical sources,’ the ingredients in a Beautification Potion are as follows:

  • Fairy wings
  • Morning dew
  • Rose Petals
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Unicorn hair
  • Ginger roots
  • Boomslang skin

It’s a color-changing potion that emits multi-color bubbles too, when properly brewed following these directions:

  1. Grind the wings of three fairies and add to cauldron.
  2. Stir slowly, and then add morning dew.
  3. Stir vigorously, then heat the mixture.
  4. Find a single fresh rose. Pluck seven petals and add to cauldron.
  5. Chop the dried Lady’s Mantle and add to cauldron, then stir.
  6. Add a lock of unicorn hair and stir vigorously.
  7. Add powdered ginger root and then heat.
  8. Lastly, wave your wand over the cauldron to finish the potion.

In short, this is not a simple potion, and we definitely need an easier Muggle version if we want to make a Beautification potion at home!

How to Make a Muggle Beautification Potion

My version of a Beautification is a bit simpler to make – though it does take some time. Inspired by the original ingredients, I invented this potion which has the opposite effect of a magical Beautification potion: instead of making you more attractive to others, it will make others look more attractive to you. (Beware: As Slughorn might say, excess consumption can have disastrous results!)

Morning dew and rose petals become rose-infused vodka; ginger root is represented by ginger ale; and unicorn hair and fairy wings are represented by drinkable purple and gold glitter. Here’s the full recipe:

Beautification Potion Recipe

Prep Time 7 days
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 7 days 10 minutes


  • Infusion Bottle
  • Strainer


  • 1 C Dried Rose Buds
  • 500 mL Vodka
  • 1 oz Rose-Infused Vodka
  • 7 oz Ginger Ale
  • ½ oz Lime Juice
  • ½ Pack Gold Brew Glitter
  • ½ Pack Purple Brew Glitter


Rose-Infused Vodka Recipe

  • Using an infusion bottle, add 1 cup of rose buds and fill the remaining bottle with vodka.
  • Let sit for one week (minimum) until rose buds have lost all color.
  • Use a strainer and second container to remove the rose buds from the vodka.
  • Store rose-infused vodka in bottle indefinitely.

Drink Recipe

  • Add 1 oz of rose-infused vodka to mixing glass.
  • Add 7oz of Ginger Ale and ½ oz of lime juice.
  • Add two half-packs of glitter.
  • With a drink mixing spoon, stir and pour over ice in a glass. Enjoy!

How to Make Rose-Infused Vodka

If you’ve never made rose-infused vodka before, don’t worry: it’s easy! To start you’ll need food-grade dried rosebuds, vodka of your choosing, and an infusion bottle. I love this one from Crew, which has a screw off bottom that makes it easy to add larger infusion ingredients.

Next you’ll want to add a half cup of rose buds to the bottle. Seal the bottom and pour vodka in from the top to fill the rest of the bottle. The rose buds will initially float to the top of the bottle.

Next, you’ll need to let the infusion happen: store your bottle in a cool dark place for at least one week. When it’s done, it will look like this:

The rose buds will have lost all of their color, and the vodka will now be a deep orange color.

To remove the rose buds, open the top of your bottle and use a strainer to pour the vodka into a second container. You can then throw away the rose buds and replace the vodka in this bottle (or the original bottle).

Rose-infused vodka will stay good indefinitely, so you can reseal the bottle and use it as often as you like.

Mixing Up the Potion

Once you have rose-infused ready, you can collect the rest of your ingredients: ginger ale (any brand), lime juice, and cocktail glitter. I use Brew Glitter for all of my recipes; you only need ½ pack each of gold and purple for this recipe (so each pack will make two cocktails).

Measure out and add your 1 oz of rose-infused vodka, 7 oz of ginger ale, and ½ oz of lime juice. Be careful with the lime juice! Like the boomslang skin it represents, adding too much will make the drink very bitter and undrinkable – and thus ineffective!

Next up it’s time to add your glitter, I mean unicorn hair and fairy wings. open each pack and pour roughly half into your glass. Then it’s just a matter of stirring your cocktail with a stirring spoon.

The glitter will give the drink a magical effect:

To enjoy, pour your cocktail over ice and that’s it! I enjoyed mine in my Harry Potter couples wine glasses (which read “He’s a Keeper” and “She’s a Catch”, reminding my husband and me who the beautification is supposed to work on!

Have any questions about making your own beautification potion? Let me know in the comments!

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